Beautiful Large Size Vintage Spanish Rug 50549


Size: 13 ft 10 in x 17 ft 6 in (4.22 m x 5.33 m)
Origin: Spain Rugs

Beautiful Large Size Vintage Spanish Rug, Country of Origin: Spain, Circa Date: Mid 20th Century – This brilliant vintage rug from Spain was created during the mid-20th century has the elegance and formality that has defined Spanish rug making for many centuries. Spanish rugs have a sophistication that comes from hundreds of years of developing the level of artistry and skill that goes into each one. This gorgeous vintage rug uses a simple color palette and repeating design to create a piece that is perfect for traditional or modern style trends.

Originally, Spanish rug design borrowed its patterns from the artistry of the Moors, who occupied Spain for close to 700 years. They also borrowed heavily from their neighbors in France who were already well-established weavers and rug makers when the Spanish looms began to create their own unique style. Spanish rug design came into its own during the reign of Queen Isabella and has continued to develop into designs that are easily recognized as traditional Spanish designs, such as this one.

This large size rug has the elegance that one expects from Spanish artwork. This year, red is a color that is finding its way into a range of daring style trends. You can expect to see bold, red walls and red accents finding their way into many styles of decor. This European rug is a larger size piece that could easily form the foundation of a formal dining room or conversation area. It would be perfectly at home in a room with antique furniture and flocked wallpaper.

This large Spanish rug has a classic feel and a sense of formality that it will carry into the space. The high-contrast red and white color scheme makes a bold statement in the space. If your style is taking on maximalist design tendencies, with jewel tone color velvets and bright brocades, this rug will fit in perfectly. Another popular trend that is becoming popular is recreating a Boudoir-style space in bedrooms and private areas of the home. The beautiful red and precise pattern of this large vintage rug from Spain is perfect for a room that embodies a feeling of elegance and refined character. This Spanish rug is a rare find and a gorgeous piece for creating a space that is unique and reflects your more sophisticated and refined side.

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