Bauhaus Rug Inspired by Kandinsky Small Worlds 71589


Size: 4 ft 7 in x 6 ft 7 in (1.4 m x 2.01 m)

Art Deco Bauhaus Rug Inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s “Small Worlds”, Origin: Denmark, Circa: Mid- 20th CenturyWassily Kandinsky, a pioneer of the abstract geometric art movement, began his “Small Worlds” series after joining the Bauhaus School in 1922. This wonderful example of the poet of vintage carpets replicates the composition of the original lithograph, “Small Worlds I,” the first in the series. The artist uses precisely rendered lines and vivid colors to create geometric images that overlie one another to suggest several planes. An elongated blue rectangle defines the center of the piece, with triangles, arcs, squares and circles superimposed vertically and horizontally to show multiple planes on a two-dimensional surface. Black outlines several images and also defines transitions between one color and the next. The crisp renderings of circles and lines define both elements of the composition and its boundary on the canvas. This Bauhaus rug displays Kandinsky’s bold use of color and its effect on the viewer. Cold blue, black and bright yellow bespeak light and movement. Subtly blended blue and yellow create a peaceful, warm sea-green offset by the intense, glowing red.

In 1922 Kandinsky produced a whole series of art works which he titled “Small Worlds” (as in “Small Worlds VI” , “Small Worlds VII” and so forth. This specific carpet is reproducing the “Small Worlds I” and I attached an image of the actual art work for you.

Bauhaus Rug Inspiration From Small Worlds by Wassily Kandinsky Nazmiyal

Wassily Kandinsky 1922 Art – Small Worlds

At some point during the mid 20th century, a company by the name of “EGE Axminster ArtLine” had acquired the rights to reproduce a certain number of pieces. This is one of those “EGE Axminster ArtLine”. While some of the Kandinsky rugs were sold and used as decorative area rug floor coverings others accuired them to be used on the all as decorative tapestry rugs.

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