Beautiful Collection of Antique Primitive Tribal Rugs

Tribal rugs – From the Atlas Mountains area in Morocco to the rugged valleys of the Caucasus, area rug weavers have contributed untold numbers of primitive decorative rugs to the global marketplace. Those tribal weaving have a considerable following due to their graphic colors, cryptic symbols unbridled style, and unique carpet pattern. In many ways, antique they are the most pure and unique. Each “tribe” produces individual handicrafts and functional trappings that are decorated with personal symbols. There are countless carpet-producing tribes, and each has an individual style. Like village carpets, they tend to be smaller, more vibrant and bolder in their primitive design patterns¬†and bright bold rug colors. Kurds, Azeri Turks and many other prominent weaving groups were expert weavers and wool color dyers who passed down their unique weaving traditions, designs and oriental rug patterns from generation to generation.

Antique rugs produced by nomadic tribes are mostly woven in wool and are distinctive and versatile. They don’t have the homogeneous look, classical appearance or elegance of Persian city carpets, yet they are highly decorative and useful for complementing modern, minimalist and rustic spaces. They are works of art that add a¬†primitive yet pleasantly sophisticated and ancient yet modern. They are charming, alluring and filled with rich colors. Their world is exceptionally diverse and full of stylistic options that are ready to be discovered.

Tribal rugs, such as primitive Persian Gabbeh or Kurdish carpets and are woven by nomadic peoples who weave mainly on portable looms as they travel. Because of this, the rugs that are tribal are generally smaller than those rugs produced in large weaving centers like Tabriz or Arak (Sultanabad). They are also always one of a kind as the weaver constructs each rug individually and sells the finished product at market in order to buy more weaving supplies along with the necessary materials needed to survive. Also, they tend to be more geometric and have bolder colors than city rugs. Some of the great tribal rugs come from the Caucaucus and Turkey regions – such the Kazak rugs and the famed tribal Kilims productions of the late 19th century.

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Showing 1–32 of 256 results