Oversized Ivory Cream Brown Tribal Geometric Modern Area Rug 11861


Size: 20 ft 6 in x 25 ft 3 in (6.25 m x 7.7 m)

A Decorative Oversized Light Ivory Cream Background Minimalist Brown Tribal Geometric Design Modern Area Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: Modern Rug – Discover the timeless allure of rugs skillfully crafted by the Beni Ourain tribes in Morocco, captivating the imaginative minds of today’s interior designers. In this current era, these rugs continue to hold a prominent position within the pages of interior design magazines and architectural blogs. Authentic Moroccan rugs, with their simplistic yet primal patterns, effortlessly elevate retro-inspired, minimalist, or Moroccan-themed interior designs. Our contemporary rug seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with the profound cultural roots embedded in traditional vintage rugs.

Originating from Afghanistan, this modern rug draws inspiration from ancient traditions. Embracing the resurgence of various shades of brown, this Moroccan-inspired design offers an ideal canvas for incorporating these warm tones into your living space. While retaining the traditional ivory backdrop and chocolate motifs reminiscent of its heritage, the rug reinterprets them with a contemporary twist, breathing fresh life into timeless patterns for the modern era. The expansive rug’s style and color palette pay homage to its cultural traditions, yet the motifs exude a distinctly modern, abstract quality reminiscent of Mid-century Modern design.

Designed with strategic white space and minimalist elements, this rug seamlessly integrates into Nordic-inspired or minimalist interior schemes. Contemporary minimalist trends often embrace soft blues, pinks, grays, and oranges as complementary shades to various browns, making this rug an excellent foundation for a modern color theme throughout the room.

Renowned for their texture, Moroccan rugs instill a textured ambiance in their surroundings. This rug effortlessly complements larger rooms adorned with sculptural pieces crafted from natural wood or metal, opulent furs, and Moroccan poufs. Its angular design also pairs well with spaces featuring mixed metals and furniture with minimalist, square metal legs. As a Moroccan-inspired modern oversized area rug, it proves to be a versatile piece suitable for a spectrum of room designs, from Boho Chic to Ultra-Modern. Wherever you choose to place it, incorporating this contemporary Moroccan-inspired area rug into your home decor ensures the creation of a welcoming and warm ambiance.

It’s noteworthy that traditional Moroccan rugs were not initially crafted on such a grand scale. Therefore, if you’re currently in the market for an area rug, especially one evoking the Moroccan Beni Ourain style in a larger size, this contemporary Moroccan-inspired rug rightfully deserves a prime spot at the top of your list.

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