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Antique Khorassan Rugs – The region of Khorassan in northeastern Persia has been famed for fine antique rugs going back to Timurid times in the late middle ages. In the later nineteenth and twentieth centuries Khorassan became a center for the production of high quality room-sized carpets, although many of these are sometimes known by more specific designations such as Mashad or Doroksh. The range of designs is extensive, from allover to medallion formats in the classical tradition. The palette is varied as well, sometimes using deep, rich tones. But many antique Khorassan rugs from Persia have a softer, more decorative coloration. Whatever the design or color, however, Khorassan rugs maintain a high standard of drawing and weaving technique, making them durable despite their soft lustrous wool.

Antique Khorassan rugs are available in a selection of beautifully varied styles. The exquisite antique Persian rugs from Khorassan are the product of a cultural and artistic assimilation between Arabian residents, Kurdish weavers, Turkomans and Persians. Their richly detailed carpets traditionally feature animals, birds, people and Tree of Life motifs that are drawn in an opulent manner. Regional designs include chic rugs with stark, monochromatic fields, exuberant curvilinear arabesques and angular tribal-influenced patterns. Many verdant hunting rugs that depict animated animals and huntsmen frozen in time are also produced in the region.

The antique Khorassan carpets represent the lush, fluid style associated with the eastern region of Persia. They incorporate vivid jewel tones, chic neutrals and luxurious monochromatic backgrounds. In some cases, these chic backdrops are covered with lavish Chintz-style florals that depict verdant forest scenes. These treasured carpets are built on the ideal combination of elegance and perfection. The opulent style of Khorassan rugs is all-encompassing yet original and delightfully distinctive.

Similar to antique Serapi and Heriz rugs (which were made in the same place) Mashad and Khorassan’s are at times interchangeable. Mashad is the city and Khorassan is the entire district. So while all Mashad’s are Khorassan’s – not all Khorassans are Mashads. The trade as a whole tends to prefer referencing the older and more “classy” Mashads as Khorassan and while structurally they vary a bit the end user should not care about the name but rather the overall look and price. If you are looking for a Mashad or Khorassan you are in essence looking for the same overall type of rug.

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