Antique Large Scale Floral Persian Khorassan Rug 70600

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Size: 10 ft 2 in x 16 ft (3.1 m x 4.88 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Richly Magnificent and Unusually Fine Large Floral Persian Large Scale Design Antique Khorassan Rug, The Origin Is: Persia, The Circa / Weaving Date: 1910Khorassan is known for creating some of the most beautiful rugs worldwide. This particular piece is one of exceptionally fine knot count and quality that is remarkable, even for the expert rug makers and designers of this famous historical city. Khorassan is known for creating rugs of such high quality and beautiful design, so much so, that the name Khorassan is still associated with rugs of exceptional quality. However, nothing can match the beauty of a carpet made in this area of Persia.

The colors of this rug are striking, and the precision of the design demonstrates expert-level craftsmanship. It was made around 1910 at a time when Persian rugs had gone through a revival and were highly desirable among wealthier clientele. A rug such as this could have taken well over a year to create.

This piece is in a remarkable state of preservation, with its colors as bright as the day it was created. Graceful acanthus leaves accent the design and adds direction. You will also find leaves that have been stylized into the boteh, or flame symbol. It is a symbol of eternal life that is a traditional motif dating back to five centuries. This rug shows a history of tradition and attention to detail that is rare, even for the Masters of Khorassan.

This is a large size antique Khorassan area rug, is both an unusual size and magnificently woven plus designed, which is why is was more than likely a custom made area rug. This rug shows the hallmark of a master weaver, even though we do not know their name. This is the perfect piece for a collection or public display. It would also make a beautiful addition to a traditional room in your home. The intensity of the color and graceful design make this one of those rare pieces that do not come around often.

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