Brown Background Antique Persian Khorassan Mashad Carpet 47696


Size: 12 ft x 17 ft 6 in (3.66 m x 5.33 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

This classically composed Khorassan carpet is characterized by a beautiful pallet of soft earth tones. Complex borders complement an elegant field.

Antique Khorassan Persian Carpet, Persia, circa 1900 – This beautiful Mashad carpet from around the turn of the century uses earthy browns in a design that easily blends with modern design trends. Mashad is a city in Northeastern Iran in an area that has been host to both invaders and merchants for many centuries. It is also an area known for producing distinctive carpets to share with the world. However, this carpet stands out because it is not the typical design and colors associated with Mashad carpets.

Many Mashad carpets use red and blue as the most common colors and have a medallion pattern. This Persian carpet uses tone-on-tone browns and has an all-over pattern, which makes it the perfect addition to modern palettes that rely on earthy colors and neutrals. Mashads typically have a more formal character, making them the perfect addition to traditional design with classic architecture. Mashads are typically associated with quality and beautiful designs that have made them popular with collectors and designers throughout the ages.

This carpet has a supple feel and fine weave that allows for a high level of detail in the work. The climate around Mashad is favorable for the production of durable wools that have a lustrous glow that reflects the light. This shimmer is one of the qualities that distinguish them from the carpets of other areas. It also makes them the perfect piece for reflecting the natural light within the room.

Both Turkish and Persian weavers were located in Mashad. Those made by Persian weavers in the area seldom used angular geometric designs. Instead, they preferred abundant floral patterns, such as this one. This makes it perfect for modern design trends that reflect the natural world in their colors and patterns.

This antique carpet has rich colors and a soft texture, making it a treasured piece for any collection. It has a traditional look and feel that will easily complement traditional architectural styles and furniture. This piece would also make an interesting and natural pattern to add to Boho chic décor. The simple yet rich color palette would also add a touch of color and pattern to a Swedish Modern or minimalist design. It is a beautiful and versatile piece that inspires many design possibilities.

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