Fine Neutral Large Antique Decorative Allover Design Persian Khorassan Carpet 50072


Size: 13 ft 1 in x 19 ft 2 in (3.99 m x 5.84 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Large Size Fine Weave Decorative Antique Persian Khorassan Carpet, Country / Origin: Persia, date: 1920’s – The history of Khorassan carpets goes back to the Timurid Empire, and they are known as some of the finest in the world. They have stood for quality throughout the centuries, and the term “Khorassan” is still used to refer to any fine carpet. An authentic Khorassan carpet is an exceptional find because they were known for their beautiful designs and the durability of their wools. This rug is a magnificent example of the artistry and design traditions of the era.

The shades of blue and brown used in this rug are a classic combination that is finding new life in contemporary design in recent years. Blue and brown bring a warm, earthy feel that adds a touch of soft color to a neutral space. This rug uses a repeating floral motif that adds the feel of a beautiful garden to the piece. It adds a sense of calmness and serenity to the space, making it perfect for creating a Boho Chic or more traditional space. Repetition of the design adds a sense of rhythm and balance to the design, giving it a formal feel.

This piece was produced in the 1920s and has an Art Deco feel with its carefully placed geometric shapes and well-defined motifs. It is a larger piece that brings elegance to a formal dining room, library, or office. Nothing stands out like an original Khorassan carpet, and this piece will serve as the foundation of a design that will bring warmth and comfort to the room. The curvy shapes give it a graceful appearance that brings out the harmony and balance of the neutral colors.

This masterful design has a look of refinement and will complement your collection of fine antiques, or you could use it in spaces that feature mixed styles. The rug is the foundation of the design and plays an important role in defining the feel of the room. Authentic Khorassan rugs are popular and becoming a rare find in the marketplace. This one is a treasure that will give your space a sophisticated and peaceful feel. Our team will be happy to help answer any questions you might have about this exquisite piece.

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