Collection of Antique Rugs from England

England Rugs represent a wide cross-section of styles, from fanciful quilts to more refined carpets, with the Wilton style being among the more endearingly popular. While rugs and carpets have undoubtedly been manufactured in England for centuries, only in the past couple hundred years has the genuine production of English rugs really taken root. Intrigued by the gorgeous Persian and Turkish carpets that they imported from their empire in the East, subjects of the English crown grew increasingly fond of these fascinating and unique – and, to the English, exotic – works of art.

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The massive cultural exchange that resulted from the the colonization of the East by the English resulted in new markets in both west and east, with new manufactures cropping up in places like Agra, which produced consumer goods especially for English buyers. With this newfound appreciation for artisan rugs and carpets, the English began to manufacture their own distinct style, which incorporated traditional English elements of design and style. Over time, this distinct English style grew in popularity, both within the United Kingdom and throughout the world. By the early twentieth century, England had developed a rug-making tradition all its own, producing beautiful Arts and Crafts and Wilton rugs, and many other distinct styles. Today, the carpets and rugs that were woven in England are collected and admired all over the world.

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Showing all 24 results