Antique Geometric English Needlepoint Rug 2633


Size: 7 ft 5 in x 9 ft 7 in (2.26 m x 2.92 m)

Rare Geometric Design Antique English Flat Weave Needlepoint Area Rug, Needle Point Origin: England, Weaving / Circa: 18th Century – This stunning antique English carpet has a highly unusual Medieval pattern of scalloped quatrefoils and broad strapwork bands. This stunning antique rug stands in a long tradition of English needlepoint rugs going back to Elizabethan times. A highly unusual Medieval pattern of scalloped qua-trefoils linked by broad strap work bands occupies the field. Small floral designs fill the spaces within the larger pattern. A thin border provides a nice contrast to the monumental design of the field. The colors are soft, adding to the decorative effect of the design, but the dark ground provides dramatic contrast, accenting the decorative details.

Earlier antique rugs, such as this one are getting increasingly rarer. These earlier breathtaking rugs from England, especially the flat woven rugs such as this impressive 18th century needlepoint, tend to showcase more interesting designs than those area rugs woven in the 19th century. The younger rugs usually have more floral design elements. While the older area rugs tend to have more geometric designs like those we would expect to see in the magnificent English castles.

Of course this antique Needlepoint flat weave area rug would look amazing in any English country interior or Victorian influenced home decor. That said, it has so much class and artistic presence that it could also work in so many different interior design styles, trends and approaches. If you are looking for a flat weave kilim type rug, or any kind of breathtaking older rug that is steeped in history and artistic sophistication, but you also want to get something that is both unique and rare, you should definitely consider this wonderful antique geometric English Needlepoint rug. This piece will be a wonderful addition to any home that is filled with love artistic souls.

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