Floral Antique English Jewel Tone Needlepoint Rug 72094


Size: 8 ft 8 in x 10 ft 5 in (2.64 m x 3.17 m)

Beautiful Floral Jewel Tone Color Antique English Needlepoint Rug, Country Of Origin: England, Circa Date: 1920 – The antique English Needlepoint rugs are special because they are created using traditional needlepoint techniques and designs that have been passed down for generations. These facinating English rugs are known for being highly detailed works of textile art that are designed to be both beautiful and functional. One of the most notable features of needlepoint rugs from England is their beautiful flowing designs, which often include floral patterns, offset by geometric shapes, or scenes from nature. These designs are created using a wide range of stitching techniques, including tent stitch, cross stitch and petit point.

This specific piece is not your typical English Needlepoint rug. It has obvious influences from other area rug types and different rug weaving origins. The large scale floral roses are very much in line with the French Aubusson rugs and the black background harks back to the famed antique Portuguese needlepoints. But its interconnected border design is more true to its English roots.

The lighter jewel tone rug colors of the design elements pop and sparkle against the darker black background. This dichotomy of sorts creates a facinating juxtaposition and artistic tension that this quite facinating and exiting. The use of negative space goes a long way in reducing the feeling of “clutter” and help to showcase the different individual design elements. The result is a beautiful and artistic English needlepoint rug that is as functional and utilitarian as it is beautiful.

Area rugs like this, especially if they are antique rugs are amazing finds. For people who are shopping for area rugs to buy for their home, especially those who are looking for more unusual example but love the floral rug designs, this antique English needlepoint rug will be an exciting option to consider.

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