Oversized Oval Antique English Axminster Rug 3155


Size: 14 ft 10 in x 20 ft 3 in (4.52 m x 6.17 m)

Oversized Oval Antique English Axminster Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: England, Circa date: 1900Antique English Axminster rugs have a history that goes back to 1755. The original Axminster rugs from England could be found in the homes and abodes of famous residents like King George III and Queen Charlotte. This tradition of fine rug making that continues today. This oversized antique oval English Axminster rug is from around the turn of the 20th century and is an unusual piece for its shape and brilliant colors.

This gorgeous piece uses fiery reds and oranges with black borders and accents that make it stand out. It has a simple, formal design in the middle and smaller overall design in the central field. This rug has Renaissance feel and bold colors. The unusual roundish oval shape of the rug will attract attention in any space.

Captivating antique rugs, such as this one, make a perfect centerpiece for a conversation area. It has a formal feel that you could easily see in a room with fine antiques and Victorian Queen Anne-style furnishings. You could also see it in a grand millennial style that features antiques that have been reupholstered with modern fabric designs. If you have a home that happens to have a formal library, this English rug would be perfect for the space.

This rug is a statement piece in its color, design, and overall shape. It would be perfect for an office or home office. Axminster English carpets are known for their quality and softness. This English rug is a perfect way to have and incorporate an Axminster carpet that will bring elegance and sophistication to any space. It is an excellent way to own a piece of history that has been a part of interior design for over 250 years period acts minister stands for a tradition of excellence and quality in the world of fine rug making.

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