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5 x 7 size area rugs are one of the most popular sizes and is considered to be a standard rug size. You can find anything from antique rugs to contemporary modern rugs in this size. The area rug is one of the most important interior design elements of the room, and finding the right size affects the sense of scale and proportion of the rest of the pieces. Choosing a rug that is too large for the room can make the room look smaller and crowded, but choosing one that is proportional to both the room size and the furniture pieces can make it look more open and airy.

This 5 foot by 7 foot size rug is perfect for placing in the room underneath the coffee table, but you will not have much space to place sofas or chairs. One idea for using this five by seven foot rug size is to use a big rug as the foundation and then add a pop of color or pattern using a 5 x 7 as a layered rug on top of the larger rug to highlight the focal point of the room. This is a technique that is used in many studios and open plan spaces to help frame the area and give it definition.

A a bedroom rug, a 5′ x 7′ rug gives you several different options. If you have a space that is large enough, you can place it beside the bed or partially under the bed to create a soft texture when getting in and out. You can also place it at the end of the bed with a portion tucked just under the legs of the bed. You can adjust the amount that is visible at the end as a way to adjust the proportion of the room size so that it feels as cozy or expansive as you wish.

Antique Persian 5 x 7 size area rug by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Antique Persian 5 x 7 size area rug

5 foot by 7 foot size rugs give you a few more options than smaller scatter size rugs for furniture placement, but it is not likely that you will be able to fit an entire living room on the rug or partially on the rug. It is, however, the perfect size area rug for an accent or placing in front of a sofa without a coffee table. You can use this size rug to create an intimate space, or to define a small home office tucked away in the corner of the room.

A 5×7 rug is perfect for adding dimension to the space, or for creating an arrangement along a wall. They are perfect for adding color to the room and for supporting the color palette used in the accessories and furniture.

A 5 x 7 rug is the perfect size for an enclosed balcony, sunroom, foyer entryway or patio. This is also a popular rug size for the kitchen or for under a smaller table. It is a versatile size that is perfect for creating a cozy, intimate space in the room.

A 5 by 7 area rug size can set the tone of the room and allow you to express your unique style.

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