Extremely Fine Small Size Brown Luxurious Silk Persian Qum Area Rug 49416

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Size: 5 ft x 7 ft 10 in (1.52 m x 2.39 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful and Extremely Fine Small Scatter Size Brown Silk Persian Qum Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Modern Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th CenturyVintage Persian silk Qum rugs, such as this breathtaking piece, are a treasure in the world of Persian rugs. The vintage silk Persian rugs from Qum have a worldly character that is the result of the influence of the many travelers that have come to the city on pilgrimages and to visit the ancient site. Unlike other ancient traditional rug weaving centers, such as Kashan and Isfahan, Qum did not begin creating its beautiful masterpieces until the early part of the 20th century.

The highly skilled Persian rug weavers in Qum drew inspiration from centuries of tradition and different cultures. They used them to create a style that is unique and recognizable in the world of Persian rugs. The weavers relied on traditional Persian designs, such as this beautiful example, with its central medallion design. It has the formal elements that one would expect, but you can also see influences of other cultures and styles throughout history. For instance, the corners surrounding the medallion have an almost French Rococo feel. The motifs against the dark background of the field reflect tribal rugs and more traditional Persian rug designs. This combination of these characteristics gives a ride to a more formal quality that is perfect for creating an elegant and refined space.

This vintage Persian rug uses a wide range of colors from deep, rich blues and browns to delicate pinks, making it versatile enough for a range of interior design color palettes. Persian Qum rugs are finding their way into many trends and contemporary styles. They are a focal point and add a contrast to modern, minimalist furniture styles. Adding a vintage element to a modern design is a trend that is featured in many of this year’s interior design magazines.

Persian Qum silk rugs are often small enough to be used as Tapestry wall hangings, or you can enjoy the soft, luxurious feel of the silk underfoot as an area rug. This Persian silk Qum medallion rug is perfect for any room of the house where it will add a refined and sophisticated character to the space.

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