Vintage Red And Blue Double Sided Reversible Swedish Kilim 48428


Size: 5 ft x 7 ft 8 in (1.52 m x 2.34 m)
Style: Kilim Rugs

A Captivating and Beautifully Artistic Vintage Red And Blue Square Design Double Sided Reversible Swedish Kilim, Country Origin: Sweden, Circa Weaving Date: Mid 20th Century — This pop art-esque vintage double sided Swedish Kilim rug owes it’s design to Scandinavian design tradition. A hypnotic pattern dominates the piece; a series of red-orange and cerulean squares nestle inside one another then repeat over the entire rug. A small border and clear background in either color breaks up the comfortable squares. Detailed stitching is seen in the small stripes within alternating layers of the squares themselves, which show slight, individualistic variations. The boldness of the pattern is fitting to the starkness of the color choices and makes this area rug a modern-looking statement piece.

Bold and expressive, this lovely vintage area rug features a subdued and simple composition of blue and indigo squares, against which vibrant red lines have been set. Mid-century Mid century modern and vintage Scandinavian area rugs, generally speaking, are celebrated for their unique and simplistic geometry aesthetic, which often combines elements of minimalism with re-imaginings of more traditional design elements. All these wonderfully artistic aesthetic ideas and approaches that are very much on display in this lovely kilim rug.

A narrow solid strip of blue color runs along the perimeter of this Swedish flat weave area rug, before it is interrupted by the prominent square colored squares that stand out against it so prominently. Such lines also run along the vertical within the carpet, which is divided into undercoated blue squares within and without the red colored squares that decorate the field of this captivating mid century modern area rug. This geometric square based design pattern is set up in a checkerboard format, repeating throughout the field. Certainly the contrast between the red and the quiet blue hues that dominate the carpet is the source for the rich wellspring of energy that this carpet showcases.

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