Antique Caucasian Kazak Sewan Rug 71614


Size: 5 ft 10 in x 7 ft 6 in (1.78 m x 2.29 m)
Style: Kazak Rugs

A Beautiful Vibrant Antique Caucasian Kazak Sewan Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Caucasian Rugs, Circa date: 1850 – This magnificent, antique Caucasian Kazak Sewan rug is a rare antique rug that dates back to the 1850’s. Sewan antique Caucasian Kazak rugs are named after Lake Sewan (Sevan) which is located to the east of Erivan in Armenia. The region is located close to Azerbaijan, and rugs from this area bear many similarities to other antique rugs created in this region.

Sewan antique Caucasian rugs are a group that is distinguished by their use of color and designs. The colors of this Kazak rug are striking, and the geometric motifs are traditional symbols that have meaning for those who know how to interpret them. One feature of this rug that makes it different from carpets produced in the weaving centers of the time is that it lacks the precision that one often finds in city made carpets.

Each of these antique tribal rugs has a unique story and is closely tied to the village weavers who created it. This one shows the spontaneity and individual choices of the weaver. Carpet weaving is a tribal tradition that is passed through the generations through song, poetry, and stories.

At times, it appears as if less skilled hands took over for a few rows, and then, the work was handed back to a more experienced weaver. This unique feature ties this piece to the culture and people who created it, making it a representation of a people and way of life that is quickly disappearing.

Another characteristic you might notice in this piece is that occasionally, the colors seem to shift slightly. The traditional rug weavers who created this piece were dependent upon the plants and materials that were available to them locally.

Sometimes, their supply changed, resulting in subtle, natural color shifts. This is another characteristic that lends to the folk art character of the rug. This is a remarkable piece of tribal art and will make a beautiful addition to your home or collection.

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