Large Antique Ziegler Sultanabad Persian Rug 49002

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Size: 13 ft 3 in x 16 ft 3 in (4.04 m x 4.95 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

A Beautiful Camel Field Color Large Scale Design Antique Ziegler Sultanabad Persian Rug, The Rug’s Origin / Type Is: Persian Rug, The Approx. Circa Date Of This Rug Is: 1880 – This magnificent and decorative example was created by the legendary Ziegler rug weavers in Sultanabad! This elegant antique Persian Sultanabad rug has a graceful, subdued facade decorated with delicate shrubs and well defined vine scroll borders. Created during the last quarter of the 19th century, this exquisite antique carpet features a neutral ecru field decorated with carefully placed shrubs and branching floral sprays that are rendered in a stately triad of oxidized blue and brick red with soft ivory outlines.

Crenelated inner borders create a symbolic barrier that separates the delicate field from the boldly colored main borders. Multiple sets of guard-bands featuring reciprocating floral motifs and botehs linked by angular vine-scrolls surround both sides of the formal main borders, which depict large-scale qua trefoils and floral medallions linked by flourishing vine-scrolls. The impeccable main borders continue the elegant combination of oxidized blue, ecru and brick red featured throughout the field.

Through the entire piece we see applications of warmer tones on top of lighter, earthy ones. This beautiful antique Persian Sultanabad rug puts emphasis on structure and design and how those relate to subtle use of contrasting colors. Floral motifs abound throughout the breathtaking Persian rug, unifying both the interior fields and the exterior borders with elegantly flowing petals and leaves. Several smaller borders surround the largest one, creating an outlining effect that draws the viewer’s attention to the minuscule details within.

At the very heart of the antique Ziegler rug, a broad earthy field dominates the landscape, filled with symmetrical blossoms and connecting stems, resulting in a network of forms that results in a well-grounded appearance, combining the natural elements with geometric structuring.

Needless to say, this is one of the most captivating examples and one of the best antique Persian Ziegler Sultanabad rugs that one could hope to find!

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