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Antique Carpets for Russia – Antique rugs and carpets are the ones that at least eighty years. They are the end products, the number of which can only decrease. It can never increase. And when applied to the antique oriental rugs and antique carpets in general, the term “antique” means more than age. Old carpets with hand spun wool and natural dyes have a lighter, animated surface with the illusion of depth.

In addition, projects of the twentieth century carpets began to change (especially after the production of vintage mid-century modern design started). As Western influence expanded across the Middle East, the native culture began to lose their authenticity and their ability to support traditional construction decreased along with their ability to preserve traditional craft techniques of the master.

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Moscow Russia Antique Rugs

Antique Carpets and Rugs in Russia

Because of this, the gap between the old carpets and recent work concerns much more than age. It really is a difference in quality at every level. One would be surprised to know that not all antique rugs are very expensive items. Some of them, even some of the antique Persian carpets ( antique carpets ) can be comparable or even cheaper than contemporary rugs made today.

None of the new oriental rugs Persian rugs or contemporary will ever have the patina that the antiques would have. This patina comes only after many years of aging. Furthermore, neither the new, modern or contemporary rug not hold its value over time like antiques.

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