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The Canadian rug clients can shop for magnificent antique area rugs as well as vintage and / or modern carpets:

The wonderful Canadian rug buyers that we have can shop for their rugs online, from the comfort of their home, through our website. That said, our many wonderful rug customers from Canada tend to want to come and buy their rugs in person if they can.

Ours is one of the more impressive, and largest collections of vintage modern and / or antique area rugs in the world which can be sourced, bought and shipped anywhere in Canada. For many decades we have been selling magnificent area rugs to Canadian area rug dealers, rug stores and galleries. We have also been sourcing some of the best rugs of their kid for the growing number of Canadian rug collectors throughout all of Canada.

In addition our rugs have been bought to decorate the beautiful homes of some of the most affluent and wealthy private consumers from Calgary, Alberta to Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec to Vancouver. That said we have also have also had the pleasure of working with some of the best, most well known, high end luxury Canadian decorators and interior designers who have been buying truly remarkable area rugs for their projects. And since we do not charge for shipping and packing for the sold rugs we send to Canada, our Canadian customers have been buying some great examples at much lower price points than even some their local Canadian rug galleries.

Our wonderful Canadian rug buyers are invited to review just a few the remarkable area rug types and styles that they can shop:

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