Vintage Scandinavian Dutch Corneille Art Rug 48016

Size: 6 ft 6 in x 8 ft 10 in (1.98 m x 2.69 m)

This delightful rug beautifully showcases some of Corneille’s more popular flourishes, including a vibrant pallet, abstract stylization, and curious, unorthodox subject matter.

Vintage Scandinavian Dutch Corneille Art Rug, Country of Origin: Scandinavia, Circa DAte: Mid-20th Century – Here is a unique and wondrous vintage carpet – a mid-twentieth century composition, designed by celebrated European painter Corneille. A hugely influential figure in the post-World War II European art world, Corneille is widely admired for his paintings of unrestrained joy and whimsy, which often test the boundaries of what was generally considered to be appropriate subject matter for a painting at the time. This particular composition beautifully showcases some of Corneille’s more endearingly popular flourishes, including an extraordinarily vibrant pallet, abstract stylized, and curious, unorthodox subject matter. A delightful manager of animals, human figures, and highly abstract geometric figures are placed at eccentric and seemingly random intervals and angles, with the boldness of the pallet giving every detail tremendous weight and presence within the broader composition. The image is signed with a flourish near the top in a typical Corneille touch. An exciting and appealing rug full of happiness and excitement, this Corneille composition is a remarkable example.

Corneille, who was born Corneille Guillaume Beverloo in 1922, rose to fame in the 1950’s for his bright and lyrical paintings, and is credited with helping to introduce modern art to his home country of the Netherlands. Corneille was an integral member of the COBRA art movement, formed in 1948, which coined its name by combining the names of its founding members’ home cities of Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam. The COBRA movement was based on embracing complete freedom of color and form, and also signified a shift away from the popular Surrealism movement.

The ideals of the COBRA movement are highly recognizable in Corneille’s paintings, which have influences in both Cubism and Abstract Expressionism: Corneille’s forms, though often recognizable as everyday objects and creatures, are composed from many different angles within one field, creating a dynamic rhythm within his works. Rich, bright colors were Corneille’s hallmark, and he was especially fond of incorporating vibrant red — a hue featured prominently on this spectacular vintage carpet.

The scene depicted on this vintage rug is at once recognizable and abstract. Dogs, cats, birds, and people are all visible, as is a central tree, composed in Corneille’s signature red and green. Creatures float and frolic in every direction, but the composition is grounded by a green, grassy plane and swaths of deep blue sky. Corneille’s wish to be a “painter of joy” is certainly attained in this cheery, bright rug, which would add a happy pop of color to any modern interior.

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