Urban Modern Decor

What Makes Urban Modern Decor

What is urban decor?

Urban decor refers to a style of interior design that draws inspiration from urban environments, particularly the aesthetics of city life. It reflects the modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere found in cities, often incorporating elements that evoke a sense of urban living.

Urban decor typically embraces a contemporary and industrial look, incorporating materials such as concrete, metal, glass, and exposed brick. The color palette tends to be neutral and includes shades of gray, black, white, and earth tones. This creates a sleek and minimalist backdrop for the urban decor style.

Furniture and accessories in urban decor are often characterized by clean lines, simplicity, and functionality. Pieces may have a sleek and streamlined design, with a focus on practicality and efficiency. Industrial-inspired elements like metal accents, reclaimed wood, and distressed finishes are commonly incorporated.

Central Park NYC Urban Decor - Nazmiyal

Central Park NYC Urban Decor

In terms of decorative accents, urban decor often features urban art, graffiti-inspired pieces, and large-scale photography or prints depicting cityscapes. Exposed light fixtures, pendant lights, and track lighting are popular choices for urban-inspired lighting. Other accessories may include vintage signage, street maps, urban-themed textiles, and decorative objects made from recycled materials.

Overall, urban decor creates a contemporary, edgy, and urban atmosphere within a living space, capturing the essence of city life and bringing it into the home.

What Is Urban Modern Decor and Interior Design?

Urban modern decor and the urban modern interior design style, also known as urban contemporary decor, is a fusion of urban and modern design styles. It combines the sleek, clean lines and simplicity of modern design with elements inspired by urban environments. Urban modern decor creates a sophisticated and cosmopolitan atmosphere while incorporating the edginess and vitality of urban living.

True NYC Urban Decor - Namziyal

True NYC Urban Decor

Key features of urban modern decor and interior design include:

  • Minimalism: Urban modern decor embraces a minimalist approach, focusing on simplicity and clean lines. Clutter is minimized, and spaces are kept open and uncluttered to create a sense of spaciousness and visual appeal.
  • Neutral Color Palette: The color palette in urban modern decor typically revolves around neutral tones such as whites, grays, blacks, and earthy hues. These colors provide a sleek and sophisticated backdrop that complements the urban aesthetic.
  • Industrial Touches: Inspired by urban environments, urban modern decor incorporates industrial elements such as exposed brick walls, concrete floors or accents, metal finishes, and distressed textures. These features add a raw and edgy character to the space.
  • Mixing Materials: Urban modern decor combines various materials to create visual interest and texture. It may include a mix of materials like glass, metal, concrete, wood, and leather. For example, a sleek glass coffee table paired with a leather sofa and a metal floor lamp.
  • Statement Pieces: Urban modern decor often includes bold and eye-catching statement pieces that serve as focal points in the room. These could be unique art installations, sculptural furniture, or large-scale lighting fixtures.
  • Urban Art and Photography: Urban modern decor often incorporates urban art, graffiti-inspired artwork, and large-scale photography depicting cityscapes. These pieces add a sense of urban energy and culture to the space.
  • Open Floor Plans: Urban modern decor embraces open floor plans that allow for a seamless flow between different areas of the living space. This layout creates a sense of spaciousness and encourages social interaction.
Urban Decor NYC Nazmiyal

Urban Decor NYC

Urban modern interior design and home decor creates a contemporary and sophisticated ambiance that reflects the vibrancy of urban life while maintaining a sleek and minimalist aesthetic.

Elements of Urban Modern Decor

The perfect base for urban modern decor is any light and airy space with lots of room. An industrial loft is perfect for this – it combines open spaces, often high, lofty ceilings, lots of light, and architectural drama. Of course, this design was made for urban apartments, but can also work just as well in a full sized home.

The biggest thing to know about urban modern is that it relies heavily on neutral, calming tones and hues. To achieve the balance of comfort and glamour we talked about before, you need neutral hues. Warm neutral tones on the walls, floors, and major furniture pieces set the perfect base for a charming lived-in space. Choose shades of taupe, cream, and brown with warm undertones to achieve the perfect look.

Urban Modern Decor Neutral Colors Nazmiyal

Urban modern decor uses lots of neutral colors.

Consider continuity across the house or apartment when using urban modern decor. While you don’t want every room to be matchy-matchy and look exactly the same, a good level of continuity helps the rooms flow nicely into each other. A great way to achieve this continuity is to use one common color in elements throughout the home. You can achieve this with your wall color, the color of your furniture, or the color of decor pieces. If you don’t want to stay monochrome and use all one color, consider using a single pattern or texture in the same way.

Decor Pieces for Urban Modern

To continue on the theme of comfortable and homey, choose soft furniture pieces for your space. This means lots of neutral colored throw pillows and blankets in the living room, extra seating space such as stools and ottomans, plush bedding in the bedroom, and of course soft, neutral-toned, minimal rugs. Choose natural materials such as wool, and consider using a plush shag rug to add more texture and comfort.

Urban Modern Decor Bedroom Nazmiyal

Use soft pieces in urban modern decor.

Urban modern decor is different from simple minimalist, neutral decor in that it always adds a statement in some way. There are many different ways to implement this into decor. One great way to achieve a pop of energy is though scale. Play with changing scales throughout the home, pairing obviously oversized pieces with petite, delicate ones. For example, choose oversized exaggerated hanging light fixtures over a kitchen island with minimalist barstools. Another way to achieve this could be a king sized bed with overstuffed pillows next to nightstands with delicate legs and woodwork. There are endless possibilities, and it is all up to your imagination.

Urban Modern Decor Scale Nazmiyal

Play with scale in urban modern decor.

Each room should have at least one statement piece. This can be a piece of art, an interesting lighting fixture, a bright color, or a bold pattern. Urban modern decor should always have a talking piece that keeps things interesting.

If you need help choosing the perfect rug for your urban modern decor, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts who can help you select the perfect piece. Get started with some inspiration from our curated selection of rugs below.

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Decorative Room Size Antique Spanish Carpet Nazmiyal

Decorative Room Size Antique Spanish Carpet

Antique French Deco Rug Nazmiyal

Antique French Deco Rug

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