Vintage French “The Dance” Tapestry by Lars Gynning 48258

Size: 2 ft 6 in x 4 ft 8 in (0.76 m x 1.42 m)
Origin: French Rugs

Titled “The Dance”, this remarkable mid century vintage tapestry is actually a remarkably beautiful piece and the brain child of the renowned Scandinavian artist Lars Gynning. Characterized by contrasting colors as well as an intriguing rectilinear aesthetic, this wonderful piece beautifully showcases some of the finer points of the mid-century movement that was so important to Scandinavian design. Somewhere between abstract and concrete, this alluring tapestry depicts a pair of dancers set against a background of rectilinear elements of various shades of red. The dancers are beautifully rendered: the more prominent dancer faces the observer, holding a graceful pose. The golden tones in her tutu and leotard contrast beautifully with the red of the background. To the right and in the distance, a second dancer appears, facing away from the observer. All of this comes together to form a truly unique and exciting composition that is also beautifully representative of an important chapter in art history.

Vintage French Tapestry Titled “The Dance” by Scandinavian Artist Lars Gynning, Country of Origin: France, Circa date: Vintage Mid Twentieth Century – This beautiful vintage tapestry by artist Lars Gynning was created by the French weaving workshop of Aubusson. The works at flat woven rugs and tapestries of Aubusson continued to create fine works through the mid 20th century and this is an excellent example by one of its more collectible weavers.

This vintage mid century tapestry is called “The Dance” and depicts two beautifully rendered dancers in a somewhat abstract, Cubist style. It is a gesture work meant to capture the essence and emotion of the human form, rather than render it in precise portion and a detail. This piece shows a dancer in a ballet dress. A second figure appears to be in the distant background with her back turned to the audience.

One of the most important features of this beautiful tapestry by Lars Gynning is the artist’s ability to capture feeling and emotion. Both of the dancers have loose, flowing hair, rather than placing it in a tight bun, as one would expect to find in a formal performance.

The positioning of the dancers is not precise, giving the impression that they are dancing for joy, rather than as a part of a formal practice or performance. It captures the dancers using their medium to express their emotions in a free-flowing and independent way.

The colors of this painting are bold jewel tones that will add vibrancy and serve as a focal point in the room. This is a beautiful key piece in its use of color, form, and the ability of the artist to capture the emotion of the two characters in the piece. This is an excellent example of a beautiful wall hanging tapestry as a form of storytelling and would make the perfect addition to any collection.

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