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Rug Making - Authentic antique hand-made rugs and carpets represent a unique and centuries old craft. With living archaeological specimens such as the Pazyryk carpet dating back more than 2,500 years, we know that people have been weaving fine rugs and carpets for a very long time.

Remarkably, over the centuries (and even millennia), there are a great many facets of fine rug construction that have changed only very little.

How Rugs Are Made by Nazmiyal
How Rugs Are Made

For instance, weaving on a loom with wool from local sheep is a practice as old as human civilization itself.

While there have certainly been numerous innovations in regards to the manufacture of fine rugs and carpets over time, including the development of machine-making, there remain certain pockets, especially Morocco, Turkey and Persia, where rugs are made more or less the same way that they have always been made.

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Antique Rug making

The best antique rugs and carpets are always those that were made by hand, and with all natural ingredients. Indeed, there is something very special and unique about hand-made rugs, in that the people who weave them, the sheep who give the wool, and the vegetables and plants that yield the dyes, all live harmoniously together.

This tight-knit relationship between the producers of fine rugs and carpets and their environment is part of what makes such pieces so special.

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