Buying Antique Rugs

Information to Consider When Buying Antique Rugs

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Below, you will find a series of articles written to assist you in the process of buying an antique Oriental rug. Each article deals with a different aspect of antique rugs, and, together, they will help to paint a full picture of what the process of buying an antique rug fully entails.

From a list of suggested reading, to various breakdowns on the various types of antique rugs that you may encounter, there is certainly a lot to consider. Different people have different needs in mind when they decide that they are interested in buying antique rugs. It is important to be aware of these concerns before  beginning to look.

Buying an antique Oriental rug can be a thrilling and unique experience. From exploring the difference between city and village rugs, between tribal and Nomadic rugs, between formal and informal antique rugs - and countless other such pairings - one stands to learn a great deal about one of the crafts longest practiced by mankind - rug weaving.

Fine antique Oriental rugs are timeless works of arts, and are living embodiment of the peoples and the cultures responsible for their creation. Explore the fascinating and exciting world of antique Oriental rugs today, and you'll surely be ready to buy one all your own in no time!

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Books to Read About Handmade Rugs

If you are actively seeking to purchase a rug or if you have a serious interest in rugs, it is advisable to look into the available literature. Rug aficionados may wish to learn. [Read more: Books to Read About Hand Made Rugs]

2. Finding the Right Rug to Buy

Finding the Right Rug to Buy

So you've made the decision, the big decision: you've decided that you want to go shopping for an antique rug for your home. After all, there are precious few things better at tying an entire. [Read more: Finding the Right Rug to Buy]

3. Use of Rugs and Carpets in Decoration

Use of Antique Rugs in Decoration

First off, the buyer needs to determine the immediate purpose that the rug will serve. Is it to serve primarily as insulation or to dampen sound, is it meant to be used as a decorative item, or possibly both? Is it for use at home. [Read more: Use of Rugs and Carpets in Decoration]

4. Formal vs. Informal Rugs

Formal vs. Informal Rugs

In a high-powered business space, formality is appropriate for rooms where one meets clients, board rooms etc. In residential space, foyers, living, and dining rooms may require formality. [Read more: Formal Rugs vs. Informal Rugs]

5. Choosing Antique Rugs for Wall Hanging

Choosing Antique Rugs for Wall Hanging

Although created as floor covering, smaller rugs also make excellent wall hangings or furniture coverings. A good antique with an effective design worthy of sustained attention will work much like a painting. [Read more: Choosing Antique Rugs for Wall Hanging]

6. Not All Rugs are Made the Same

Not All Rugs Are Made the Same

The issue of rug durability -- that is, how long it will last as well as how resistant it will be to wear and tear -- is an important factor for you to consider when you're buying a new antique rug. It should certainly be noted that not all rugs. [Read more: How Rugs Are Made]

7. How to Approach Interior Design with Antique Rugs

How to Approach Interior Design with Antique Rugs

Because of their wide variety of styles, antique rugs represent a unique opportunity to explore many different styles within the world of interior design. [Read more: How to Approach Interior Design with Antique Rugs]

8. Tips for Decorating with Vintage and Antique Rugs

Tips for Decorating with Antique Rugs and Vintage Rugs

Finding the perfect antique rug is only the start of the interior design battle. The style war really begins when you bring your rug home and step foot in the trenches. [Read more: Tips for Decorating with Antique Rugs]

9. Buying Antique Rugs and Carpets

Tips for Decorating with Antique Rugs and Vintage Rugs

Buying Antique Rugs and Carpets - In this article, we'll answer your frequently asked questions about buying antique rugs. Topics covered include: Things to consider before buying an antique rugs, where to buy antique rugs, how to get the best value for your money, and information about rug appraisals and evaluations. We've divided the article into three sections of information. Click the section that interests you to see frequently asked questions on that topic. [Read more: Buying Antique Rugs and Carpets]