Purple Textured Geometric Modern Oriental Rug 60893

Size: 15 ft x 24 ft 7 in (4.57 m x 7.49 m)

Elegant Purple Textured Geometric Modern Oriental Rug, Country of Origin: Afghanistan, Circa Date: Modern – Our fascination with handmade area rugs goes back several centuries. They have found their way into many decor styles throughout the centuries. The fascinating traditional designs add elegance and charm. Nazmiyal’s Modern Oriental area rug collection allows you to enjoy these beautiful creations in a way that is updated and contemporary.

This purple rug is a spectacular piece of modern artistry. The pattern was inspired by the all over designs that have been a part of traditional area rug designs for centuries. Today, designers use geometric leaning shapes to add rhythm and beauty to the piece. The old world patina feel of this captivation modern rug adds visual texture and a timeless feel to this classic that is a reflection of the past.

This is an oversized rug that could easily be used to fill and cover the floor of a larger room. It is also perfectly suited to a public space or office as it could take daily traffic and use. Regardless of where you decide to use this magnificent area rug from Afghanistan, this breathtaking piece will add its unique character and will serve as the foundation for a creative and inspired design.

Interior designers often begin with finding the perfect rugs and then build the rest of the interior design around it. This oversized modern Oriental design area rug has a shabby chic feel that is perfect for a traditional or contemporary space. For several years, geometrics has been popular in a range of design styles. In the beginning, they used bold patterns and high-contrast colors. It was against the rules to mix and match. Now, fortunately, those rules are no longer in place, and you can combine layers of geometric patterns for a unique textured room design.

This magnificent all over design rug is a beautiful piece both for its unusual color and contemporary design. The artist reflects the past in its traditional motifs and technique but gave it an updated look that is perfect for modern interiors.

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