Fine Room Size Vintage Persian Silk Qum Rug 70245

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Size: 10 ft x 13 ft 4 in (3.05 m x 4.06 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Beautiful Fine Room Size Vintage Persian Silk Qum Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Vintage Persian Rug, Circa Date: Late 20th Century – This captivating silk rug from the late 20th century shows the design sophistication that made Persian rugs able to stand the test of time and remain staples of interior design. Although many Persian rug making traditions date back to the 16th century, Qum is a city that was a latecomer to the industry. They did begin weaving rugs until the beginning of the twentieth century. This means that they had 400 years of tradition and examples to serve as inspiration for their world-famous creations.

By drawing from this vast design library, they were able to create some of the most beautiful masterpieces in the world. This beautiful vintage Persian silk Qum rug has the refinement and detail that one would expect to find in the masterpieces of the late 19th century. It has a delicate design that is based on a traditional medallion design structure. This one is unique in that the field surrounding the medallion uses a mihrab, rather than a pendant or diamond shape.

This beautiful vintage Persian rug would make a perfect addition to a traditional or formal room setting. Persian rugs form the foundation of many contemporary interior designs and are being used in new and innovative ways in a number of modern design styles. This vintage Persian silk rug would make a striking addition to a neutral room that features gold rose metallic accents throughout the space or other mixed metals.

Colors that mimic the spices that were traded along the ancient Silk Road are now being featured in dining rooms, kitchens, and conversation areas. This fine room size vintage Persian silk Qum rug has a rich and elegant feel that will add to the atmosphere to give it a classic look and feel. Red is a color that always makes a statement in the room and this one would be the perfect addition to a Boho-chic, Boudoir-style, or a contemporary design that features furniture with velvet seating elegant drapery, and flocked wallcoverings.

The scale of the design will make the space look spacious and inviting. This area rug is made from silk and catches the light to make the space look more luminous and expansive. It is an elegant vintage carpet that is perfect for creating an exquisite interior design or as an addition to any collection.

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