Modern Pop Art Robert Indiana Love Rug 49740


Size: 1 ft 3 in x 1 ft 3 in (0.38 m x 0.38 m)
Origin: India Rugs

Beautiful Modern Pop Art Robert Indiana Love Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: India Rug, Circa Date: 2006 – Love is the universal language, and nothing captures it more than this iconic Robert Indiana rug. The work of Robert Indiana embodies the modern American pop art movement. Although this modern rug was produced more recently, it harkens back to the free spirited and social activist movements that defined much of the Pop art movement of the 1970’s.

Artist Robert Indiana used simple typography, clean colors and crisp lines to define the message of the artistic rug. High contrast white, red, and green make the design stand out. Each of the letters in the Love design are given equal weight and occupy a quadrant of the design. The O is tilted to the side and gives the Robert Indiana Love rug movement and direction. The background is divided diagonally with approximately half in white and the other half in green.

The design of the Robert Indiana Love rug is based on a piece that was first seen at the Museum of Modern Art in the 1970’s. Robert Indiana captured the spirit of the iconic piece in his series of popular rugs that feature the LOVE typography motif. This is a small rug, which makes it perfect for use as an accent piece or for framing as a decorative wall hanging tapestry rug.

The Robert Indiana Love rug is a necessary piece for any modern or retro room interior design. It would also complete an industrial space nicely. This beautiful Indian rug will add a little bit of love to any contemporary or modern design space. The design of the Love rug is instantly recognizable as a defining piece of American pop art by Robert Indiana who was one of its most prolific artists

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