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Sometimes in home decorating, the floors are overlooked. People tend to focus on the furniture, wall color, and layout, and carpeting fades to the background. Rugs can actually make a huge difference in any space, however. Choosing the right style, color, and size is important in making a room look just how you want.

Which Size Rug is Best?

Although rug size depends on how much space is available in a room, 6’x9’ modern rugs are almost always a good bet. In a large, open area, they can be used to separate off a section and make it feel cozier and smaller. For example, if you have an open floor plan but want to create a living room area, place a rug in the area you want, then arrange the furniture around it to make a new “room.” In a small room, 6’x9′ rugs will fit well without making anything look too crowded. You can also easily use two rugs in one room if you want to cover more space without actually paying for carpet installations.

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What Makes Contemporary Modern 6’x9’ Rugs Good for Decorating?

Because of their medium size, 6’x9’ rugs fit easily in many different rooms without seeming like extra clutter. They are great in living spaces because they can either be a neutral color to help pull everything together in a smooth way, or they can add an accent to brighten a room. 6’x9’ rugs can also be used in bedrooms or even as an entryway carpet in a spacious or empty-looking hallway. Cleaning them is easy too. Since they are not too large or heavy, they can easily be vacuumed or taken outside to be cleaned without much effort.

Which 6’x9’ Rug Styles Will Look Best?

Before purchasing a rug, determine the atmosphere you want in a specific area. If your furniture has a vintage look with deep colors and rich fabrics, an Oriental or 1920’s-era carpet will look beautiful. For a minimalist look with a mainly neutral color palette, stick to a rug with crisp patterns and one or two bursts of a bright color. Yellow and coral can look very refined while still adding something to an otherwise plain space. If your house has a cozy and familiar feel, opt for something soft with warm tones. Don’t overdo it with a thick, fluffy rug, as it can end up looking tacky. Instead choose something that will offer a little brightness to the area but still remain a staple piece.

The Modern Rug You Want Happens To Be Listed In A Different Rug Size?

Right now, all of the modern rugs currently listed on this 6’x9’ page are available in the 6’x9’ dimensions, even if the page only shows another size. But, if you would like to move forward with acquiring one of the rugs in those 6’x9’ dimensions, you should contact us. We can give you more information about pricing, as each rug is priced depending on its dimensions. Also, you happen to have more questions about a specific rug you are interested in, feel free to ask so that you can know exactly what option is best for you.

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