Modern Transitional Geometric Design Rug 60976

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Size: 7 ft 2 in x 11 ft 4 in (2.18 m x 3.45 m)

Decorative Modern Transitional Geometric Design Rug, Country of Origin: Pakistan, Circa date: Modern – This is a modern transitional geometric design area rug made with wonderfully soft wool pile. This modern area rug features a labyrinth type pattern that is a very open and simple. The overall look and feel of this modern rug is quite grounding and the more creamy linear design juxtapose so beautifully against the real brown background color of the fascinating Pakistani rug.

The design of this magnificent modern area rug is rather simple and straight forward. So too is the more limited palette of rug colors that are drawn from and also reflect the natural world around us. The beautiful rug abrash can be see in the shifting brown dominant background colors which adds so much mystery and authenticity to the overall artistic impact of this alluring modern area rug. This abrash color variation gives this piece a feel that is closer to those we see in old and antique rugs. That aspect of the modern rug, coupled with the overall grounding look and abstract asymmetric and simple linear design make it an easy rug to position and place in a room.

This modern transitional rug is the type of area rug style that will only enhance its surrounds. The relative use of a simpler lighter colored linear design, that is wonderfully juxtaposed against the earthy brown colors, wont compete with any of the other decorative elements in the room. It kind of piece that will offer a warm cozy texture and a splash of beautiful earthy and natural colors.

For those who are looking for magnificently luxurious area rugs that are easy to decorate around, then this piece should top your list. In addition to this specific area rug, our collection of modern transitional area rugs are filled with other options in a many different colors and designs. These rugs are also more affordably priced which makes more accessible for people form all walks of life.

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