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Modern 12’ x 18’ Sized Area Rugs

Modern design is marked by bold accent colors, lack of clutter, natural and warm hues, clean and straight lines, and minimal detail. Large modern area rugs transform the look and feel of a room in gentle yet significant ways. Area rugs are textile floor coverings that come with the benefit of versatility and portability. Unlike carpeting, they can be picked up and moved to another room if necessary. Large modern area rugs are a great addition to bedrooms, dining rooms, dens, and other settings. These are a great way to design an interior while making it unique. Modern 12’ x 18’ area rugs display designs featuring clean simplicity combined with striking visual effects. These rugs are valuable decorative pieces that go well with modern interior decor themes as well as many others.

Modern 12′ x 18′ rugs can be used in more than one way. It can make the room look cozier if that is the look you are going for, or it can emphasize a professional atmosphere. However you choose to work it into your decor, it will contribute to the aesthetic of the room When it comes to arranging furniture on the rug, there are a variety of attractive options. A table can be placed at the center of an area rug to highlight its position as the center of the room. Beds can be placed partially or completely onto the rug to achieve visual balance. Chairs and other furnishings can be placed in different places of the rug to change the feel of the room. With a large modern area rug as the base of the room, you have so many possibilities.

Some of the benefits of a modern 12’ x 18’ area rug are floor protection, comfort, noise reduction, and giving the room a feeling of completeness. These rugs go well in very large rooms that have color schemes that match or complement the colors on the rug. Having a margin of space left between the perimeter of the rug and the perimeter of the room helps achieve an attractive look as well. Both the size and the shape of the room must be taken into consideration when designing with a rug.

12x18 Rug Arrangement Nazmiyal

Consider the size of your room when selecting a rug size.

Improvements in rug making methods have made quality area rugs more available. This makes it easier for you to find one that will last longer and add value to your home. To maintain the quality of the rug and ensure it looks good for years to come, there are a few things you can do. Vacuum it regularly and avoid getting it wet. Rug pads reduce the movement of the rug on the floor, which may or may not be necessary for a rug of this size. If possible, rotate (flip the rug around so that one end of the rug is on the opposite side of the room than it once was) the rug to reduce the effects of traffic and sunlight. Exposure to traffic and sunlight over time may naturally fade the rug.

While some of the modern rugs on this page are listed in a different size, all of them can be made to order in size 12′ x 18′. These rugs are priced according to their size. To get the price (and production timeframe) of the rug and more information about it, feel free to contact us.

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