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Large Chic Contemporary Brown Central Asian Rug 11816

Size: 14 ft x 19 ft 2 in (4.27 m x 5.84 m)

A Beautiful Large Chic Contemporary Brown Central Asian Rug, Country of Origin: Central Asia, Circa date: Modern Rugs – Several years ago, the world began to focus on creating cozy spaces for spending much of their time. Now, many are feeling that it is time to give up their spaces and upgrade and bring in new ideas. If you have been feeling that it is time for a refresh but aren’t ready to give up your neutral walls just yet, this contemporary piece might be the perfect answer to giving your space an updated look.

The neutral rich brown and beige of this rug give you many possibilities for breaking out of the box and transforming your space. The colors of the rug are neutrals, but the design gives it a graphic feel. The artist played with line and color to create a piece with an ultra-modern feel. Today, trends are moving away from pieces that look mass-produced in favor of ones that have a more artistic flair, and this rug is a piece of modern art.

When it comes to color, brown is a color that keeps coming back. Today, you have many more design possibilities with browns than you did in the past. Brown is a natural shade that evokes a feeling of being in an outdoor space. This makes it a perfect foundation for furniture and accents with a biophilic design. The colors of this rug will create an Eco-Chic feel when paired with other earthy colors, like sage and burnt orange. Of course, you could also use grays and other neutral tones or charcoal for a more dramatic effect.

Today, many of our spaces must serve more than one function throughout the day. Finding a rug with a neutral pattern and tone is the key to creating design versatility that can serve a dual function. Pairing the natural browns of this rug with white creates a touch of drama that is a little toned down. The possibilities for creating a contemporary space with clean lines and soft textures are endless with this rug.

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