Large Size Cream Color Artistic Geometric Modern Area Rug 11829

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Size: 14 ft 4 in x 18 ft 9 in (4.37 m x 5.71 m)

Beautiful Handmade Large Size Cream Color Background Artistic Geometric Design Modern Area Rug, Country Of Origin: Central Asia, Circa Date: Modern Rug – Using neutrals in the space has been a part of the design vocabulary for many years, and they continue to be a constant for creating a soft and soothing space. This ivory cream color rug with black accents has a mid-century modern design style look that is reminiscent of the paintings of Piet Mondrian, only without the primary color palette. The design also has a primitive touch that is perfect for this year’s style trends.

Mid-century design explores the relationship between man and the natural world. Today, this theme is being revisited with attention pieces that feature elements of the natural world. This can be in the colors used or references to primitive cultures in the design. This contrasts with the hard lines and geometric shapes of the design.

This large size rug uses a neutral color palette that reminds you of sand or stone. The black lines look like some form of ancient tilework or building material. The high visual contrast of the black lines against the cream background also gives it a graphic quality. This rug has a character that can be transformed to suit your imagination based on the furniture and accessories throughout the rest of the space.

If you want to capture a more natural feel, a few large plants, terracotta pots, and a collection of baskets on the wall will bring out the organic side of this modern rug. The minimalist might select a black or creamy white sofa and a few neutral textures throw pillows. for those who wish to explore its more contemporary side, layering in a few pieces of brighter colors will help to brighten the space.

This gorgeous large size cream color geometric design modern rug is versatile and is an excellent option for a transitional space that must blend several styles into a cohesive design. This light color rug blends a touch of the old with the new. It lets you express your creativity in the way you style it to create a space that is luxurious and embraces everything you love.

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