Geometric Blue Background Modern Square Khotan Rug 72156

Size: 11 ft 8 in x 12 ft (3.56 m x 3.66 m)

A Gorgeous Blue Background Modern Khotan Rug, Origin: Afghanistan, Circa: Modern – Based on the famed silk road rugs, the modern rugs such as this one, pay homage to the original antique area rugs which they were based off of. Featuring a quintessential design and colors that area very much inline with the original antique Khotan rugs of East Turkestan, this modern square shape rug is a beautiful example. Though the rug was woven in Afghanistan, it is as good of Khotan rug, as far as the look and feel, that one could get in a modern recreation.

One of the facinating aspects of this specific modern Khotan design rug is how the design was tweaked and set apart from the original examples. When we see the original antique and mostly geometric area rugs from Khotan, the ones with the same approach to the field design as we see here, they are pretty much always featuring the iconic Pomegranate rug design. But in this adapted Khotan design rug, the Pomegranates are replaced by floral elements that we more closely associate with Persian rugs or Turkish rugs. It is interesting to see how the artist that designed this rug chose to play off the geometric motifs and break them up using more floral elements. In addition, usually people will need to custom order / make new rugs or cut down a larger older rug if they need square room size shapes and sizes. But this square Khotan design rug is ready now and takes away much of the guessing work and time.

Area rugs like this, make placing rugs in rooms and among varied furniture layouts relatively easy. So for people who are shopping for and considering which area rugs to buy for their home, especially for those that need a square rug right away and want cheaper rugs that are more affordably priced, this modern Khotan design blue background color rug will make a phenomenal option.

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