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Ersari rugs, are those area rugs that were crated and woven by the Ersari Turkmen people (the Central Asian ethnic group) in Turkmenistan as well as Uzbekistan. Contrary to the custom of the other Turkmen people (Such as the Iraqi, Lebanese, Syrian or other groups that go by the “Turkmen” name) , the Ersari people have no official design or motif that is specifically unique to them. This is why the tribal antique Ersari rugs may feature designs seen in other tribal rugs from other origins. Examples of such patterns can be adaptations of diamonds, garden designs, Chinese cloud bands, mina khani patterns, Persian herati fish designs, and so forth.

Tribal Antique Central Asian Ersari Rugs by Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

Tribal Antique Central Asian Ersari Rugs

The antique Ersari Central Asian tribal rugs tend to incorporate the use of yellow colors more than we see in other antique rugs made that were woven by other tribes. In addition, as far as the background colors go,  two shades of blue are usually blended together with a darker brown color in their own unique fashion.

The antique Ersari Islamic Prayer deign rugs are different from the ones woven by different Turkmen. This is because most of the Ersari prayer rugs tend to have a very clearly drawn out prayer-niche design or Mihrab /arch at the very top of the rug (this is created as a marker to show where to point the rug in the direction of the Muslim the holy city of Mecca). The specific Ersari woven prayer design area rugs are some of the most beautiful rugs in the world.

As far as the construction of the antique Ersari carpets, these tribal rugs tend to be woven with a more loose weave than other Turkmen woven rugs. But the wool that was used in knotting the antique Ersari rugs is one of the highest grade and most soft to the touch.

Needless to say, the Central Asian rugs, woven by the Ersari Turkmen weavers, are some of the most beautiful and most collectible rugs. They are sought after by rug collectors for their unique tribal influenced rug designs, beautiful use of colors and overall sophisticated artistic approach.

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