Rugs From Syria

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Learn More About Antique Syrian Textiles and Carpets

Antique Syrian Textiles and Carpets are those area rugs and textiles that were produced in the region of modern day Syria. A country that has changed borders many times over the centuries, Syria has been influenced by a great many Near Eastern empires.

As a result, the general aesthetic preferences of the Syrian people have been molded and shaped by a disparate group of outside forces. This means that Syrian Rugs, rather than possessing a sort of unified, identifiable quality, actually range a great deal. Syrian Rugs may be characterized by the tribal design patterns that appear frequently in Caucasian and Kurdish rugs, featuring abstract geometric figures and an idiosyncratic asymmetry.

Likewise, Syrian Rugs manufactured specifically for foreign consumers may bear the hallmarks of classical Eastern rug design, with allover patterns or central medallions, elaborate borders and meticulously wrought vine scroll detail work. Being at the crossroads of the East and the West, it makes sense that Syria would manufacture such a wide cross-section of rugs. While not the largest rug-producing country historically, Syria nevertheless is able to boast a long history of rug-making, as well as some especially appealing pieces.

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