Vintage Scandinavian Ege Art Line Andy Warhol Diamond Dust Shoes Rug 49784

Size: 6 ft x 9 ft 2 in (1.83 m x 2.79 m)

Beautiful And Extremely Artistic Vintage Scandinavian Ege Art Line Andy Warhol Diamond Dust Shoes Rug, Country of Origin / Rug Type: Denmark, Circa Date: 1996 – The iconic Andy Warhol used his artwork as a form of social commentary throughout the mid-20th century. This rug combines Warhol’s artwork with  Ege Art Line Rug Company who was the iconic producer of mid-century modern art rugs.

This specific Andy Warhol rug was created based off of a series of paintings in the 1980’s called “Diamond Dust Shoes”. Known for his iconic designs that featured elements of modern society such as Campbell’s soup cans, the dollar sign $, Marilyn Monroe, and abstract multicolored flowers. This specific series takes Warhol back to his roots and is similar to his work of the 1950’s.

This Scandinavian rug features jewel tone colored shoes, arranged seemingly haphazardly on a dark blue background. The colors of this rug are bold and dramatic in true Warhol style. The Andy Warhol diamond dust shoes rug features a simple border that serves to frame the main design of the vintage rug.

The shoes are carried out using simple lines and forms. The use of very little detail draws attention to the color and shape of the shoes, rather than to the individual shoes themselves. It causes the viewer to take in the entire picture at once, instead of focusing on the individual details. This pop art rug style reflects Warhol’s background as a commercial graphic design artist.

This vintage Andy Warhol diamond dust shoes rug is an excellent example of mid-century design and art. This is due to its subject matter, as well as the rug maker.

This piece will work well with any mid-century modern retro interior, or minimalist design elements. This piece could be hung on the wall as a beautiful Tapestry rug, or it could be used on the floor as a decorative rug. Regardless of how you choose to display it, this Andy Warhol rug will garner years of appreciation and love.

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