Large Antique Oversized Indian Agra Area Rug 44601

Size: 16 ft 6 in x 27 ft 3 in (5.03 m x 8.31 m)
Origin: India Rugs
Style: Agra Rugs

Woven with a stunning combination of burgundy and buff tans, this elegant large oversized antique Indian Agra rug features an all-over Herati pattern set over a wine-red field. This antique Indian Agra rug showcases extravagant cloud-bands that grow increasingly large provide a strong presence among the elegant palmettes and Herati-leaf patterns with royal blue accents, which are connected by a geometric network of intersecting vines. Sparse, taupe-colored borders with a reciprocating Herati leaf and palmette pattern complete this spectacular antique rug.

Large Antique Oversized Indian Agra Area Rug, Country of Origin: India, Circa Date: Late 19th Century – Rich burgundy makes this oversized Indian Agra rug an extravagant and opulent addition to any room. The rich colors of the rug, and the formality of the design give the antique Oriental rug a sense of stateliness that is reflective of the pieces that once graced the floors and walls of the palaces of India.

The oversized Agra rug uses an overall design that has vertical and horizontal symmetry. The artist can print created a contrast between the scale of the rug in the design motifs within it. The fine detail of the weave allowed for subtle shading in the elements such as the leaves and floral elements. The scale of the border compared to the field of the rug is small, which enhances the expansive feel of the large size antique Indian rug.

The use of color in the rug makes the background appear to stand out more than the design motifs and floral elements. However, much of this may be a result of the effects of time that have mellowed some of the colors of the Agra rug. Rather than detract from its beauty, this adds even more because time has changed it to become a different piece than when it was created. It has tempered over time, which makes it a piece to be even more greatly appreciated.

This antique, late 19th century, Indian Agra rug would make an excellent addition to any room that features larger architectural elements and needs a big rug that will complement the scale of the space. It is an excellent example of the wealth and richness of the great Indian empires and the artistry that characterized it. This is an excellent collectors piece and would make a wonderful addition to a formal room design.

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