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Romantic Valentine Day Table Settings

Valentines Day Table Settings and Decors

Valentine Table Settings Decor – With everyone’s beloved Hallmark holiday rounding the corner and being less than a week away, the time has come to bust out the hearts, roses, and homemade doily valentines. Valentine’s Day, as kitschy as it may be, is a perfect day for the creative romantic to show off his or her major chops.

Love Themed Valentine Table Setting by nazmiyal

Love Themed Valentine Table Setting

I mean, who doesn’t love being showered with fine dining, furry friends, and an explosion of pinks, purples and reds! The holiday of Saint Valentine, himself, is not the time to be a Grinch vowing to isolate yourself in the likes of a recluse whilst donning a grumpy face and cursing every one around you. NOR is it a time to scramble to the city full of bland prix fixe menus at overly crowded mediocre restaurants. Instead, try throwing the perfect V-Day at home with full fierce design and sensual style.

Romantic Candle Lit Purple Valentines Day Table Setting by Nazmiyal

Romantic Candle Lit Purple Valentines Day Table Setting

Throwing your special valentine a night to remember at home is the perfect gift and is a wonderful way to truly show off your personality and creative side. A romantic dinner (whether, homemade or secretly catered a la Mrs. Doubtfire) paired with the perfect decor and table spread is a definite must to win over the heart of your honey.

Red and White Valentines Day Country Style Table Setting by Nazmiyal

Red and White Valentines Day Country Style Table Setting

Keeping it classy with a centerpiece of beautiful fresh-cut florals, crisp linens, and hints of romantic holiday decor is a definite win-win situation for all. Can you possibly argue with being surprised with a candle-lit fine-dining experience that comes straight from the heart? I know I cant, but that must be the hopeless romantic in me.

Romantic Valentine Day Rose Petals Themed Table Setting by nazmiyal

Romantic Valentine Day Rose Petals Themed Table Setting

Another fun thought is to really bust out all the chops and make some serious creative stops. Why not make homemade valentines? Who says you can’t sprinkle the table with glitter and Sweethearts? There’s something novel and quite cute when it comes to such a ridiculous holiday.

Beautiful White Orchids Floral Valentines Table Setting by nazmiyal

Beautiful White Orchids Floral Valentines Table Setting

That childlike excitement layered with anxious nerves we all had as children when Valentine’s Day rolled around reminds us to have fun and not take life so seriously. I, for one, would majorly swoon if the table was adorned with Muppet valentines, heart-shaped Reese’s, and copious amounts of champagne. Throw in red Gerber daisies (my favorite flower), and I am yours!

Romantic Twinkle Lights Themed Valentine Table Setting by Nazmiyal

Romantic Twinkle Lights Themed Valentine Table Setting

Decadent Valentine Table Settings by nazmiyal

Decadent Valentine Table Settings

Red Carnation Flowers Valentines Day Table Setting by Nazmiyal

Red Carnation Flowers Valentines Day Table Setting

Gorgeous red themed decor to set a Valentine’s Day Mood

Red Themed Decor for Valentines Day – In celebration of Valentine’s Day, check out some of our hot red carpet infused decorations that would look great in your home or apartment – if you love red of course. Red is a very a bold and emotional color and if used the right way, it can make a room look amazing, as well as give the room a romantic mood.

Creating a Romantic Mood with a Tapestry

For creating that romantic mood, take a look at this beautiful Hans Krondahl Vintage Tapestry below that can be hung on a wall to give a room a very charming and intimate setting. The large rose that stands in the middle of the tapestry symbolizes romance and love and below is a collection of smaller roses. The floral bundle of roses is strewn gracefully against the background, as if dropped and carried by the wind, with the forest green stems creating lines of movement in a single direction. These colors will give any room a warm and attractive sensation, as well as giving off a cozy vibe.

Hans Krondahl Vintage Tapestry 48489

Red Themed Decor - Hans, Krondahl, Tapestry, Circa, Valentine's, Day

Hans Krondahl Tapestry

Flaring Romantic Red Colors of Persia

This Antique Persian Afshar Rug displayed below is quite a beauty that can create a romantic atmosphere in a room when combined with the right furniture and complimentary wall colors. The unique five glorious bouquets are staggered across the central navy field of this square antique rug and will instantly capture the attention of your guests. It is definitely a design that is very appealing and adds excitement and beauty to a room.

Square Antique Persian Afshar Rug 50397:

Square, Antique, Persian, Afshar, rug

Square Antique Persian Afshar Rug, Valentine’s, Day

This decorating and design blog about Valentines Day Table Settings, Rugs and Decorations was published by Nazmiyal antique rugs in New York City.

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