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The Ava Lounge Dream Hotel in NYC

Review of the Rooftop Ava Lounge NYC at the Dream Hotel Ava Lounge NYC at the Dream Hotel – The term ‘heavenly oasis’ is not a term that one associates with New York City amidst the hoards of foreign tourists, business suits, and delivery men toting Seamless bags full of Thai food to the average New York […]

Paula Hayes Terrarium Designer and Artist

Terrarium Designer and Artist Paula Hayes Artist and Terrarium Designer Paula Hayes – There comes a time where designers create pieces that are living works of art, literally. Paula Hayes is no stranger to the chic spotlight of sustainable design through her breathing pieces of arboretum artwork. Having showcased her living necklaces and terrariums that scream […]

Steamer Bar Cabinet Interior Design Nazmiyal

Interior Design and Decor: Bar Cabinets

Bar Cabinets in Interior Design and Decor Bar Cabinets in Interior Design and Decor – Bars and booze, these are a few of my favorite things. If you have been keeping up with my long lost Kardashian-self, then you are fully aware of my affinity for fine wines, rooftop paradises lined with liquor, and the occasional good […]

Sothebys Auction House Scores 3.4bn in Sales

Sothebys Auction House Scores Big! Sothebys Auction House – This week we seem to be focusing on some serious money-makers ranging from fashion labels to art auction houses. We thought that in light of the recent economic chaos, we would shine the spotlight on the major money-makers and spenders. Who said you can’t have your cake […]

High End Fashion Sales Boom

High End Fashion Sale High End Fashion – Ladies and gentleman, the question of the day that I pose to all of you over the interwebs is: Do you like luxury? Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the finer things in life like fast cars, fur coats (or faux fur coats for my PETA members), […]

H&M Ad

David Beckham Launches H&M Clothing Line

This seems to be the month of fashion collaboration news, and the fashion world must be going absolutely goo-goo over our latest find, David Beckham for H & M. Yes, ladies and my select gents, international soccer (or football) star and husband to one of my all-time favorite fashion icons, Victoria Beckham, is joining the […]

Lady Gaga Set to Drop Her Book of Photographs

Lady Gaga Releases A Photography Book “Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson” Lady Gaga – Well, it comes as no surprise that soon the biggest pop sensation and most photographed woman in the world is going to come out with a book of her very own portraiture. The likes of the world have seen numerous anthologies […]

Karl Lagerfeld Collaborates with Macy

Karl Lagerfeld teams up with Macy’s Karl Lagerfeld – Lagerfeld is one the most iconic men in the fashion industry whether you are wearing his own label, Chanel, or Fendi. This man has been a staple for styling over the past 50 years offering high-end creative direction for major fashion houses. Not to mention, he looks […]