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Mens Fall Fashion Trends: Man Bags

Men’s Fall Fashion – Man Bags Man Bags Fashion – Gentlemen, listen up! There is absolutely no shame in carrying a man-bag. Whether one calls it a purse, satchel, briefcase, man bag, murse, or any other crazy concocted title, the man-bag is hotter than ever this season. Daily life in New York City requires one to […]

Perfect Table Setting

The Perfect Table Setting Perfect Table Setting – October is easily one of my favorite months. Fall is in the air, coats, boots, and sweaters are being worn, and rounding up October’s awesomeness is Halloween. With the freaky festivities trickling in the air and foliage changing colors and plastering the streets with a spectrum golds, auburns, […]

Men’s Fashion Tips : Winter Coats

Fashion Tips For Men Fashion Tips for men – Searching for the perfect statement piece this winter? Look no further! This upcoming season’s hottest trend (aside from boots) is all about the winter coat. Gentlemen, the time has come to show off that true shining personality and to embrace your fashionisto self. Winter coats are splashing […]

Fashion Tip For Fall: Mens Boots

Mens Boots Fashion For Fall Fall Mens Boots Fashion – If you were brave enough to muster the energy to get out of bed on this chilly morning, you are fully aware that fall is in full swing. With dropping temps coming our way, fall fashion is gearing up to kick in hardcore faster than […]

Redesign Of Times Square Landmark New York nazmiyal

Times Square Redesign Revealed

NYC’s New Times Square Redesign Revealed We, New Yorkers, spend a good part of our days walking around the city. We walk to work, home, school, the store, and sometimes, we even make the occasional trek to some of our city’s most beloved landmarks. If you’ve followed my blog posts about New York city lifestyle, […]