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Lighting Fixtures Spotlight: Pleated Pendant Lamp

Interior Decorating with Lighting Fixtures Decorating with Lighting Fixtures – Lighting fixtures are essential for that swankified sanctuary and what better way to shine light on that lair than with this fall’s hot trend of Pleated Pendant Lamps. These puppies scream fashion before function offering rooms a playful decorative accent forcing guests to look up in true […]

Antique Carpet

Antique Carpet DNA by Wilbur Pierce

Antique Carpet DNA – A Guest Blog by Wilbur Pierce Antique Carpet DNA – The unshaven man stood on a boulder looking up at the cave ceiling. The women’s name was Gryt and his name Grunt. He listened to her instructions, for they were husband and wife. As he was married, he did nothing right. He […]

Women Fashion: Couture Color Trends 2011

Women Fashion Couture and Color Trends Women Fashion – With the couture shows in Paris coming to a close, we have decided to show the women some love in the fashion department here on Nazmiyal Design and Fashion Blog. Ladies and…ladies, listen up for the coming year’s hottest closet colors. We recently posted about cerulean […]

Fall Colors: Trending Color Palettes

Trending Color Palettes for Fall and Interior Palettes Trending Fall Color Palettes – First of all, let me just say that I am in complete disbelief that the Fall is slowly creeping around the corner. I like my days long, hot, and steamy where I can dine on outdoor patios without my fingers suffering from acute frostbite. […]

Diner en Blanc: A Covert Affair Comes to NYC

Diner en Blanc NYC Dîner en Blanc – Ever heard of it? Neither have we until this week. Here’s the 411: Parisians have been secretly holding out on us about some serious dining dish for the past 23 years. Dîner en Blanc is an annual guerilla-style event where thousands of diners fully dressed in their finest […]

Want To Decorate that Vampire Lair? Here’s How

How to Decorate A Vampire Lair Want To Decorate that Vampire Lair? What can I say? I’m a sucker for vampires, the undead, Nosferatu, Dracula, The Count, the Cullens. Oh, whatever you want to call them! For as long as I can remember, I have always been drawn to vampires. (I know this post would probably be […]

Tiffany Blue Bathroom interior Design by Namziyal

Blue Interior Designs

Blue Interior Designs and Room Decors Blue Interiors – What more can I say about blue this week? I’ll spare you the Miranda Priestly quote this time. (Been there. Done that.) One of this coming year’s hottest color trends for adorning that abode is full of bodacious blues, astonishing aquas, totally rad teals, and cowabunga cobalt blues! These […]