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Popular Modern Rugs Styles in The Homes Of Manhattan Celebrities

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Lets Explore What Modern Rugs Some Celebrities’ Chose To Decorate Their Manhattan Homes With

Interior design trends are always changing. Often, the best place to look for the upcoming style is in celebrity homes and the homes of other wealthy people who work with the best and brightest in the design field. As with all homes, many of these celebrity houses make use of antique rugs as well as modern rugs to help define and decorate areas.

Examples of Modern Rugs in Celebrity Manhattan Homes

While some homes of the famous use antique and vintage area rugs, many have sleek, minimalist styles that are well-served by modern rugs. These examples can serve as inspiration for current designs and a foundation for future trends.

Modern Rugs in Celebrity Homes Nazmiyal

Modern Rugs in Celebrity Homes

Celebrity Jessica Chastain Manhattan’s Apartment

Jessica Chastain’s Manhattan apartment features several interesting area rugs. In her living room is a modern broadloom, flat-weave rug that pleasantly complements and contrasts the Victorian style of the rest of the room. The rug in her library is a little simpler, getting most of its visual appeal from the silky rug piles.

Jessica Chastain Nazmiyal

Jessica Chastain

It nicely ties together the room, blending the old and new touches of the space. In the dining nook is a modern sisal rug. This flat weave kilim rug with a spiraling, geometric design pleasantly contrasts the vintage furniture.

Celebrity Homes Jessica Chastain Nazmiyal

The living room in Jessica Chastain’s Manhattan apartment.

Celebrity Will Ferrell’s Manhattan Home

In Will Ferrell’s Manhattan home, the style is industrial and contemporary. This makes modern rugs a great fit for the space. In the living room is an expansive, plush, custom-made rug that neatly accentuates the industrial furniture and neutral color palette of the surroundings.

Will Ferrell Nazmiyal

A similar rug adds a sense of comfort to the bedroom. Again, it helps contribute to a very industrial and contemporary style. However, this rug is a darker slate gray. It helps to tie the rest of the room together, connecting the different furniture.

Manhattan Residence Of Celebrities Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber

Although they no longer live together, the home shared by Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber featured several modern rugs that enhanced the interior design and adding some warmth to their Manhattan residence. In their living room rugs were two jute rugs that created two distinct sitting areas. Although subtle, the natural style of jute offers a pleasing visual that helped bring together the clean, chic room.

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber Nazmiyal

In their kids’ room, they had several black and orange modern flat-weave rugs that added warmth to the space. Both sons were quite young while the couple was living there. The brighter colors added a little child-friendly comfort and fun to the bedroom, contrasting the artsy photos on the walls provided by the boys’ uncle, photographer Ben Watts.

Celebrity Homes Naomi Watts Liev Schreiber Nazmiyal

Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber’s living room.

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