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You are a complex human being with a variety of different interests and sensibilities. You like some of this and some of that. You love antiques, modern art and retro design. So why should you have to confine yourself to one single interior design scheme?

If you have a collection involving both traditional and modern elements, or you’d like to start a collection of pieces from many movements and eras, an eclectic interior design, which involves combining disparate elements into a rich, layered design scheme, may work well for your home.

So What Does The Word “Eclectic” Mean?

The word “eclectic” refers to something that is diverse, varied, or composed of elements from different sources, styles, or origins. It is often used to describe a person’s taste, style, or approach that combines different ideas, influences, or elements from various sources.

For example, in the context of music, an eclectic playlist may include songs from different genres like rock, pop, jazz, and classical. In art, an eclectic artist may incorporate different techniques, styles, or materials into their work. Similarly, in interior design, an eclectic style involves combining elements from different periods, cultures, or aesthetics to create a unique and diverse look.

Overall, “eclectic” suggests a broad range of influences or elements brought together in a cohesive or harmonious manner, resulting in a distinctive and diverse whole.

What does eclectic mean in interior design?

In interior design, the term “eclectic” refers to a style that combines elements from various periods, cultures, aesthetics, and design styles to create a unique and personalized space. It involves bringing together different furniture pieces, colors, patterns, textures, and accessories that may not traditionally be associated with each other.

Eclectic Interior Design with Area Rugs by Nazmiyal

Eclectic Interior Design with Area Rugs

The eclectic style in interior design allows for creative freedom and the opportunity to express individual tastes and preferences. It often involves mixing and matching furniture and decor items from different eras, such as pairing a vintage table with contemporary chairs or incorporating antique accessories into a modern space.

The key to achieving an eclectic look is to create a cohesive and harmonious balance between the different elements. While there may be contrasting styles or materials, they should complement each other in some way to avoid a chaotic or disjointed appearance.

An eclectic interior design can be highly personalized and reflects the individual’s diverse interests, travels, and experiences. It is a style that celebrates uniqueness, creativity, and the ability to think outside the box when it comes to combining different design elements.

What are the characteristics of eclectic interior design?

Eclectic interior design is characterized by the following key features:

  • Mixing and matching: Eclectic design embraces the mixing and matching of different styles, periods, patterns, and textures. It combines elements from various sources to create a visually interesting and unique space.
  • Diverse influences: Eclectic interiors draw inspiration from a wide range of influences, such as different cultures, historical periods, and design styles. This creates a rich and layered look.
  • Personalization: Eclectic design allows for personal expression and reflects the individual’s unique tastes, interests, and personality. It is a highly personalized style that tells a story about the inhabitant.
  • Contrasting elements: Eclectic interiors often feature contrasting elements to create visual interest and dynamic energy. This can include combining old and new, rough and polished, minimalist and ornate, or bold and neutral.
  • Bold colors and patterns: Eclectic design embraces the use of bold colors and patterns. Vibrant hues, unexpected color combinations, and eye-catching patterns are often incorporated to make a statement and add excitement to the space.
  • Mix of textures: Texture plays a crucial role in eclectic interiors. Combining different textures, such as smooth surfaces with rough ones, adds depth and tactile appeal to the design.
  • Curated collections: Eclectic design often showcases curated collections of objects, artwork, or memorabilia that reflect the homeowner’s interests and travels. These collections become focal points and contribute to the overall eclectic aesthetic.
  • Balance and cohesion: While eclectic design embraces diversity, it is important to maintain a sense of balance and cohesion in the space. Thoughtful arrangement and consideration of scale, proportion, and visual harmony help create a unified look.
  • Playful and unexpected details: Eclectic interiors often incorporate playful and unexpected details that catch the eye and spark curiosity. Quirky accessories, unconventional furniture arrangements, and unique design elements contribute to the eclectic charm.
  • Flexibility and creativity: One of the defining characteristics of eclectic design is its flexibility and creativity. It encourages experimentation, encourages breaking design rules, and allows for the freedom to create a truly individualized space.

Overall, eclectic interior design is about embracing diversity, celebrating personal expression, and creating a visually captivating and unique environment that reflects the homeowner’s individuality.

What is an example of eclectic style?

An example of an eclectic style in interior design could be a living room that combines elements from different design periods and cultural influences.

Here’s an example to illustrate the eclectic style:

Furniture: The room features a mix of furniture styles. There is a contemporary sectional sofa upholstered in a bold patterned fabric, paired with a vintage wooden coffee table with intricate carvings. On one side of the room, there’s a mid-century modern deign armchair with a sleek design, while on the other side, there are a pair of antique French bergère chairs.

Colors and Patterns: The color scheme is a combination of bold and neutral tones. The walls are painted in a soft gray, providing a neutral backdrop. Vibrant accents are introduced through colorful throw pillows on the sofa, featuring geometric patterns and rich hues like turquoise, mustard yellow, and fuchsia.

Accessories: The room is adorned with an array of accessories that reflect diverse influences. On the walls, there’s an eclectic mix of artwork, including a modern abstract painting alongside vintage black-and-white photographs. A Moroccan rug with intricate patterns covers the floor, adding texture and cultural flair.

Lighting: The lighting fixtures further enhance the eclectic style. A contemporary floor lamp with a sleek metallic base and a colorful shade provides ambient lighting, while vintage-inspired pendant lights with Edison bulbs hang from the ceiling, adding a touch of nostalgia.

Overall, this example showcases an eclectic style by blending furniture pieces from different eras, combining contrasting colors and patterns, incorporating diverse accessories, and mixing modern and vintage elements. The result is a visually stimulating and unique space that reflects the homeowner’s individuality and personal taste.

Here are some helpful tips for creating your eclectic interior

1. Go Bold With Your Eclectic Interiors

Eclectic design is about making a strong statement. This means experimenting with bold patterns that ordinarily wouldn’t go together. It also means focusing the eye on a particular conversation piece in each room. Not every element of eclectic design is striking in this way, but every room that you decorate in this style should have something bold about it.

Go Bold Eclectic Interior Design Nazmiyal

Going bold is important in eclectic interior design, whether it’s using a bold color or pattern.

2. When Combining Eclectic Elements In Your Interior, Make Sure To Stay Organized!

The area rugs that are eclectic and interior design style may appear chaotic to some, but it actually requires careful planning. Every piece that you place in a room should have a particular reason for being there. The motivation behind each placement may not be evident to observers, but you need to determine it beforehand.

3. Keep Walls Simple

Some elements of eclectic design have to be subtle, or else the bold elements won’t stand out. Think of your walls as a backdrop against which to layer your other pieces. From this perspective, a simple wall, painted in a single color, makes much more sense than a room papered with a complex pattern wallpaper or tapestry, which may end up making the room feel too busy when the other elements are added.

Eclectic Interior Design Nazmiyal

Keeping walls neutral helps your eclectic decor look clean and organized.

4. Unify Your Eclectic Interior Design With Color

To pull of the eclectic design and design style needs a few cohesive elements that bring the room together as a unified whole rather than just a random collection of items. Color can be an effective way of doing this, especially when you are combining different patterns. You’ll usually want to choose one main color (often neutral, though it doesn’t have to be) and one accent color, of which you can incorporate different shades.

As you’re choosing colors, think about how they will affect the overall feel of the room. If it is a large, open room that you would like to feel warm and cozier, you should choose colors that are warm and / or dark. On the other hand, if you are looking to open up a small space, lighter colors and/or those on the cool side of the spectrum will typically better serve your purpose.

Eclectic Interior Design Color Nazmiyal

A great way to unify your eclectic interior design is through color. The colors you choose can also set the tone of the room.

5. Combine Different Textures

Eclectic interior design is largely about contrast, which you can create with different textures as well as different patterns. Hard and soft, rough and smooth can all unite to create intriguing contrasts. For example, you could combine a shaggy rug with a smooth leather sofa, or a place a soft, overstuffed armchair in a room with industrial elements of exposed brick walls and hardwood floors.

Eclectic Interior Design Textures by Anouska Tamony Designs Nazmiyal

Combine different textures to create an eclectic interior design. Interior by Anouska Tamony Designs

6. Consider Utility

Eclectic interiors and design may cause your home to resemble a museum. However, keep in mind that you will also have to use it as a living space. If you’re having difficulty making a decision, take a step back from aesthetics and consider practicality. Livability may be the X-factor that helps you resolve your design dilemma.

7. Don’t Say Too Much

Unless a room is very large, it can probably only handle one big statement piece. Otherwise, the room may feel cluttered, and your conversation starter may become lost. Choose one statement, a specific style of area rug or decorative piece for each room and then decorate more subtly around it.

Eclectic Interior Design Focal Point Nazmiyal

Eclectic interior design looks great with a focal point (like a rug).

8. Use Negative Space

Leave some tables and shelves empty to provide the eye with some necessary restful places. You do not need to display your entire collection all at once. Rather, rotate the pieces every once in a while to add variety and interest.

9. Eclectic Interiors Make It Easy To Express Your Personality

Eclectic design gives you more leeway to do this than a more formal style would. One opportunity to express yourself really effectively is with a gallery wall. This is a way to reflect personal interests and experiences, whether it be photography, performing arts, travel, etc. Gallery style doesn’t require you to arrange the pictures in straight lines, but there should be some unifying element about them, whether that be color, subject matter, framing, etc.

Eclectic Interior Design Expression Nazmiyal

The important part of eclectic decor is that you express yourself.

10. Feel Free To Experiment with Eclectic Rugs In Your Interior Design

While you may start out with a plan, leave yourself open to changing your mind. If there are happy accidents that may not have been what you had in mind but nevertheless work well, go ahead and embrace them. Antique, vintage or modern rugs from the Nazmiyal Collection can work well with eclectic style because they also incorporate both the classic and the contemporary. Browse our selection to find the perfect area rug that has meaning for you.

This interior design blog about creating magnificent eclectic interior design with area rugs was published by Nazmiyal Rug Gallery In Manahan NYC

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