Brad Pitt Debuts Furniture Line Pitt-Pollaro

Brad Pitt Debuts Pitt-Pollaro

Brad Pitt – he’s been a Hollywood hunk and cultural icon for ages, but Brad Pitt is also famous for his forays into design. He’s dabbled in jewelry, launching his own line and creating fiance Angelina Jolie’s stunning engagement ring. And, his love of architecture – especially the work of Frank Lloyd Wright – is no celebrity secret.

But this week, the actor has debuted a new design role. Teaming up with Frank Pollaro, the Art Deco – inspired New Jersey craftsman, the star has launched the Pitt-Pollaro furniture collection.

Pitt and Pollaro as pictured in Architectual Digest - Nazmiyal Collection
Pitt and Pollaro as pictured in Architectual Digest

“I’ve been doodling ideas for buildings and furniture since the early 1990’s,” Pitt said told Architectural Digest about his latest venture. He told the magazine that this passion project didn’t take form until a chance encounter between the actor and Pollaro.

The designer was installing a Ruhlmann reproduction desk that Pitt had commissioned, when he stumbled upon the actor’s sketchbooks. “He saw an old design of mine and said he could make something of it.” A spark was ignited, and the two began a collaborative relationship fed by a shared obsession with perfection and “far too much wine.”

Their first creation was born as a hardwood, Art Deco bed frame. The imposing design with stingray skins and nickel detailing is sleek, subtle and seductive. The piece is perfectly paired with the collection’s full body, including side tables, club chairs, and an impressive Mad Men-esque shelf unit.

Designed by Pitt, Built by Pollaro, all of the collection’s pieces are hand crafted limited editions, that are signed by their makers. The idea is to craft each piece with materials and finishes that fit with every buyers taste and home design. But the concept also highlights both Pitt and Pollaro’s commitment to quality.

Club Chair, Shelf by Pitt-Pollaro
Club Chair, Shelf by Pitt-Pollaro
Side Table, Bed by Pitt-Pollaro
Side Table, Bed by Pitt-Pollaro

“I am obsessively bent on quality – to an unhealthy degree. It was this obsession that introduced me to Frank [Pollaro], who embodies the same mad spirit of the craftsmen of yore, with their obsessive attention to detail – not just in the façade, as with a movie set, but even the back of the piece, for that one time you might move it,” Pitt told the AD.

“I give him any idea, no matter how challenging engineering-wise, and I know if it can be cracked, he will crack it to perfection. There lies great freedom in such a relationship.”

It is the kind of relationship that movies are made of…and great furniture. What better way to compliment the collaboration than an Art Deco rug? With their striking detail, and bold color schemes they add a beautiful touch to any home furnishing.

Art Deco Rugs
Art Deco Rugs

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