Lady Gaga Set to Drop Her Book of Photographs

Lady Gaga Releases A Photography Book “Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson” Lady Gaga – Well, it comes as no surprise that soon the biggest pop sensation and most photographed woman in the world is going to come out with a book of her very own portraiture. The likes of the world have seen numerous anthologies […]

Karl Lagerfeld Collaborates with Macy

Karl Lagerfeld teams up with Macy’s Karl Lagerfeld – Lagerfeld is one the most iconic men in the fashion industry whether you are wearing his own label, Chanel, or Fendi. This man has been a staple for styling over the past 50 years offering high-end creative direction for major fashion houses. Not to mention, he looks […]

Mad Men Fashion Collection at Banana Republic

Banana Republic Mad Men Fashion Line Mad Men Fashion Collection at Banana Republic – There comes a time that the creative geniuses of our television and media worlds create something, a show, movie, advertisement, etc., that undoubtedly captures the blackest hearts of New York’ers. New York City has always been the city of dreams, lights, insomniacs, fashion, […]

Bamboo Home Interior Accents

Bamboo Home Interior and Accents Bamboo Home Interiors – There is something to be said about the undying love between a cute and cuddly panda bear and a delectable treat of bamboo. However, in terms of home accenture, bamboo is heating things up in the world of interior design accenture. Yes, we have seen the likes […]

Cynthia Nixon Brings Sex to Broadway

Cynthia Nixon – A Sexy Broadway Start is Born! Sex and the City Star Cynthia Nixon on Broadway Cynthia Nixon – With the recent string of everyone’s favorite “New Yorkers” undergoing new career paths, it comes as no surprise that Sex and the City’s very own Miranda, Cynthia Nixon, will be gracing us, real New Yorker, […]

Men’s Fall Fashion: Blazers

Men’s Fall Fashion Trends and Blazers Men’s Fall Fashion – The time has come the Walrus said, and that time would be to start planning ahead for your fall fashion fixings. The summer in NYC has been great to us, New Yorkers, so far, but with August sadly coming just around the river bend, there is […]

Beijing CCTV Building: The Future of Asian Architecture

The Beijing CCTV Building Beijing CCTV Building – As with my recent post of the North Korean capital’s Ryugyong Hotel or the “Hotel of Doom,” it seems as though Asian countries and their views on architecture are on the rise. Asia has always been at the forefront racing to the top of industrial design, planned efficiency, booming […]

North Korea’s Ryugyong Hotel Revealed

The Ryugyong Hotel Revealed Ryugyong Hotel – Twenty-four years in the making, the Ryugyong Hotel in North Korea is finally in its completion process. This ominous looking hotel started construction in 1987 and was placed on hiatus due to those Soviets and their Cold War. However, the hotel which now has unveiled its post-production exterior is […]

Alexander McQueen: Show Stopping Savage Beauty

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Show at the Met Alexander McQueen was easily one of the most innovative and thought-provoking artists in recent times. Not only was he a fashion-designing force to be reckoned with nor was he a “perfect pair” to the likes of Lady Gaga. No, McQueen was an absolute visionary who redefined fashion, […]