Beautiful Large Antique Tribal Geometric Persian Qashqai Gallery Rug 72144


Size: 9 ft 7 in x 16 ft 2 in (2.92 m x 4.93 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs

Gorgeous Tribal Geometric Large Antique Persian Gallery Size Qashqai Rug, Country Of Origin: Persia, Circa date: 1900 – The antique Persian Qashqai rugs are some of the most facinating tribal rugs ever made. These magnificent Persian rugs tend to feature facinating an exciting array of more primitive geometric rug patterns with many of these breathtaking area rug styles showcasing specifically birds in their antique rugs.

Since these beautiful rugs were woven by the nomadic and / or semi nomadic Qashqai people they rarely are almost always found in small sizes or long and narrow wider gallery sizes like this rug. These area rug types are classified under the broader grouping of village industry rugs and as such, we get to see what the weavers themselves perceive as beautiful. This is in stark contrast the area rugs that were woven in larger urban centers where the weavers have no say or influence in what they are making and are basically just following instructions and rug cartoons.

This antique tribal Qashqai rug is quite the unique example in a few wonderful ways. First and foremost the colors are so happy and vibrant but not overpowering. It is a sophisticate color palette that would brighten up even the coldest of spaces. The design is also quite mesmerizing with the wonderful depictions of tribal birds and other protective symbols and design elements. While this is an antique Persian rug, it has an unusually upbeat and modern feel that make it perfect for a wide range of home decor styles. From traditional to ultra modern and even Bauhaus and Scandinavian design interiors, this is one versatile rug that can tie almost any room together.

Rugs like this are great for people who are looking to buy an area rug for their home, but want something that is more unique, different and happy. For those of us who have an eclectic eye and gravitate towards the more unusual and perhaps even more eccentric, then this truly magnificent antique gallery size tribal Persian Qashqai rug should slip though your fingers.

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