Vintage Persian Qashqai Kilim 47623


Size: 9 ft 8 in x 10 ft 10 in (2.95 m x 3.3 m)
Origin: Persian Rugs
Style: Kilim Rugs

This subtle, charming vintage Persian Qashqai kilim is a beautiful piece. Its minimalistic design and pallet of reds speak to the design preferences of the mid-twentieth century.

Vintage Persian Qashqai Kilim, Origin: Persia, Circa: Middle 20th century – Here is a charming and exciting vintage Persian rug – a Qashqai kilim of mid-century origins. Starkly minimalistc in design, this fetching kilim is deceptively simple: for while upon first glance the piece seems to broadly consist of a simple black border and a field of stripes, it is in fact a much more complex – albeit brilliantly understated – composition. The profound contrast impressed upon the beholder by the playing together of the stark black border and the more colorful field actually subtly shifts upon closer look: for woven into the stripes of red, blue and green of the field are double bars of black, which magnificently incorporate the strength of the border throughout the piece, creating a sense of unity and balance. An exciting mid-century composition, this Qashqai kilim speaks to the enduring power and influence of minimalism.

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