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Uzbekistan Textiles

Uzbekistani Antique Embroideries and Uzbek Textile Collection

Antique Uzbek Embroideries and Uzbekistan Textiles -Uzbekistan is best known for their antique Suzani embroideries and Ikat textiles. Suzanis have large silk embroidered panels featuring geometric and floral motifs. Typically they were made for a bride’s dowry; they closely resemble American patchwork quilts because of their simplified, abstract shapes. Antique rugs from Uzbekistan are woven as either pile of flat weaves.

Antique Uzbek Embroideries are among the boldest and most exciting examples of this technique from Central Asia. Produced in and around the city of Tashkent, Uzbek embroideries often have vibrant color, enhanced by the use of silk thread in addition to wool. Designs are often large circular medallions or star patterns, or patterns derived from Uzbek felt appliqué. But at times they can also have floral vines derived from Persian embroidery. The rich color effects are enhanced by the use of deep tones for the ground fabric, in place of the ivory and tan more customary in Persian and Indian textiles of this type.

View the below selection of beautiful antique Uzbekistan textiles and embroideries:

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