Antique Turkman Design Uzbekistan Embroidery Textile 47484


Size: 4 ft x 6 ft (1.22 m x 1.83 m)

Tribal Turkman Design Antique Uzbekistan Embroidery Textile, Origin Of The Textile: Uzbekistan, Textile Date: Late 19th Century – Unique in presentation, this wonderful antique textile embroidery from Uzbekistan features a relatively simple and straightforward Turkman design that nonetheless exhibits tremendous personality and presence. The soldi brown border strand is distinctly divided into a series of rows and columns, almost creating a grid formation for the square blooms within this Uzbekistan Embroidery. Each bloom takes up a single section of the grid, and the individual blossoms themselves feature divided sections that showcase a different color. Sage green, grapefruit pink, milky white and dandelion yellow are all present, standing out well against the earthy brown tones to create a rustic scene for the viewer to enjoy.

A truly simple, straightforward and impressive example, this fine Turkman design antique Textile from Uzbekistan boasts many of the qualities and characteristics of the style which collectors of Oriental rugs look for. This textile was create based on the more recognizable designs that we see in the magnificent and tribal antique Turkman and Yomut rugs and it boasts many exciting design elements.

A seemingly simple design starts to become more and more fascinating and complex as we break the elements apart and start to see the thought that went into creating this remarkable Uzbekistani textile. At first glance, it seems as if the geometric Turkman patterns are just placed and colored randomly. But the more time we spend examining this beautiful textile, the more we start to see and appreciate the symmetry that the wear created through the use of colors. The two columns on the sides are symmetrically colored while the middle column alternates in color to create a step type approach to the design that unifies the different color approach through the piece.

A beautiful and unique example, that hark back to the iconic Turkman antique rugs this Uzbekistani textile would make a phenomenal addition to your home decor. It could be used as bed / table cover, a beautiful wall hanging tapestry and even as a captivating area rug. But regardless of how you showcase this magnificent antique tribal textile, it is sure to add much tribal sophistication to any interior design.

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