Beautiful Antique Rugs From China

Antique Rugs from China are revered for their exotic style, traditional decorations and surprisingly modern appearance. Traditional Chinese rugs showcase mythical beasts, auspicious birds and botanical symbols that bring cultural legends to life.

The far-reaching influences of imperial China inspired the creation of related carpets in Inner Mongolia, Tibet, East Turkestan and the edge of the Asian Steppe. On the fringes of Inner Mongolia, weavers in Baotou, Gansu and Ningsia created spectacular Chinese rugs with decorative fretwork embellishments and symbolic medallions. China’s vast influences spread from Tianjin, Peking and Beijing to weavers in Kashgar, Samarkand and Yarkand who created magnificent Chinese-influenced carpets.

China has dictated regional styles and trends beginning with the powerful Ming Dynasty and continuing through the 20th century when entrepreneurs like Walter Nichols created dazzling Chinese art deco rugs that are exotic and stylish today.

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Showing 1–32 of 110 results