18th Century Antique Chinese Kansu Gallery Size Rug 70865


Size: 6 ft 7 in x 15 ft 6 in (2.01 m x 4.72 m)
Origin: China
Style: Kansu Rugs

Beautiful Rare 18th Antique Chinese Kansu Gallery Size Rug, Country of origin / Rug Type: China, Circa date: 18th Century – This magnificent 18th century antique Chinese Kansu rug will add a formal touch to any room with its brilliant colors and classic design. It is a gallery size rug that will make a statement in a formal dining room or any room of the home. It the perfect touch for any Asian-themed or Chinoiserie-style space.

Kansu province is located in Northwest China and was once an area through which the northern corridor of the Silk Road passed. This made it an important destination for trade and as a military outpost. Throughout its long history, Kansu became a center for the arts and remained so for many centuries. Rug weaving and textiles were one of its main industries.

Kansu is located between Tibet and the established rug centers of Ningxia. Many Kansu rugs, such as this one, show a mix of these two influences. The formality of the design with its symmetry, formal medallion, and corners shows the influence of Ningxia rugs. The designs within these elements have a more Tibetan style. The result is a breathtaking, unique piece that is an essential for any Chinese antiquities collection.

This beautiful antique Chinese rug is a decorator’s delight with its vibrant colors and classic design. The rug is balanced in both color and design, allowing each of the elements to receive the visual attention that it deserves. The rug has a definitive focal point in the central medallion, and it will carry this sense of balance into the rest of the interior space.

This versatile antique rug makes the perfect foundation for traditional furniture with ornately carved arms and legs. It would also go well in a space with modern furniture and plenty of space underneath so that every inch of this gorgeous piece can be appreciated. An antique of this beauty and quality is a rare find, and it will make an excellent addition to your home or office that will be appreciated for many years to come.

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