Beautiful Rare Antique Early 19th Century Chinese Kansu Gallery Size Runner 72015


Size: 5 ft x 14 ft 2 in (1.52 m x 4.32 m)
Origin: China
Style: Kansu Rugs

Rare and Beautiful Antique Chinese Kansu Gallery Size Runner Rug, Country of origin: China, Circa date: Early 19th Century – Sometimes you come across antique area rugs that are so magnificent that they hard to capture in words. This antique Chinese Kansu rug is an antique hallway runner rug and happens to be one of those rare and magnificent rugs that are so exciting to find.

Graceful florals are so magnificently rendered across a classic navy blue rug color of the field. These magnificent flowers are seemingly floating gently down a slow moving river giving the Kansu rug a truly artistic feel and a sense of movement that is quite facinating. This superb example of Chinese art connects earth and water using rustic reds and coral colors set against the drifting solid blue color. The delicate motifs and subtle shifting tones give this magnificent antique Chinese rug a feeling of floating on air.

This captivating area rug from China  is based on a an allover rug design of free floating flowers. Each of these flowers is surrounded by negative blue space which creates a beautiful juxtaposition and highlights the importance of each and every flower. This sense of balance is carried throughout the rest of the design with the placement of the flowers in the field, as well as the tribal elements of the borders. The use of symmetry throughout gives this breathtaking 19th century area rug a sense of order that is reminiscent of the natural world.

The use of color is also balanced by using warmer rustic tones in the border and using cooler tones as the background of the main field. The motifs are depicted in a way that gives them a sense of motion. The entire Chinese Kansu rug has the feeling of a warm summer day by a clear blue stream.

Area rugs like make a beautiful addition to any interior decor. These rugs are great for people who are looking to buy area rugs for their home decor and want to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Beautiful rugs like this rare antique Kansu rug are treasured pieces that future familial generations can grow up with and love.

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